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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2145

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2145

The Killer Coffin

That was the new mission Scias gave to Jester King. He had rushed to the graveyard as soon as he received the order.

After a detailed search, he locked in on that location and started digging.

Soon, he had turned the graveyard upside down, but even after digging the whole area, he still could not find what he was looking for.

As such, he went back and dug deeper into the ground. The deeper he went, the more spine-chilling the place became.

The freaky thing was the originally sunny weather suddenly turned gloomy, and the gathered clouds had a frightening tint of red, like blood was oozing from them.

On top of that, there were frequent lightning strikes even though it was not raining.

In Erudia’s cultural belief, a bloody red cloud blocking off the sun was an unlucky sign, a sign that something disastrous would be happening soon.

That belief turned out to be true as Jester King was up to no good. He was looking for an object of bad omen!

After digging to the depth of more than six hundred feet, he found an underground structure – a miniature palace!

The temperature in there was abnormally low, and anyone who entered it would probably freeze to death.

The atmosphere in the miniature palace was haunting and had a strong smell of blood. The gas trapped in there threatened to explode and smother every living thing nearby.

There was nothing in the miniature palace other than a metallic coffin.

There were weird pre-historic symbols etched onto the coffin, giving it a demonic look.

Although it was old, run-down, and covered in a thick layer of dust, it radiated a sense of danger.

Even Jester King had fear in him when he looked at the coffin.

He took a deep breath before laying his hands on it.

“What?” He had expected he could easily lift up the small coffin, but his face fell upon his first try. That coffin was exceptionally heavy!

Judging by the metallic material of the coffin, Jester King was prepared it would be heavy. However, the actual weight was at least ten times more than he had expected!

The extra weight had to be from the content of the coffin, and he couldn’t help but wonder what it held.

The weight was abnormal, and he couldn’t think of any items that could contribute to that massive weight.

After a few struggles, Jester King finally managed to pull the coffin out from the deep hole. After all, he was a supreme class fighter!

When he pulled the coffin out, all the bystanders had a shock and started running away.

Everyone was busy running that no one noticed a strange phenomenon. The metallic coffin was emitting some gas that was being breathed in by the unsuspecting humans. At the same time, their breaths were being absorbed by the coffin. It was as if there was an exchange of breaths between the humans and the coffin!

After a minute, those people experienced some transformations! They began to show signs of pain and their veins started popping. All of them covered their face with their hands and wriggled in pain.

In no time, their pale faces turned bluish-green and ghostly. Finally, blood began to ooze out of their eyes, nose, and mouth, and one by one, the people collapsed and died.

The more hideous sight was that raw bloody wounds started appearing on the bodies like it was rotting from corrosive burns.

It was a painful, ugly, and eerie death, and none of the bystanders managed to escape unscathed.

It was not only the humans, but all the nearby animals suffered the same grotesque fate.

Jester King was carrying the coffin to his car, and as he moved along, every living being along the way died.

It was unreal that he did not lift a finger and yet managed to be so destructive.

When he reached the designated place, he placed the coffin into a car and drove toward a port.

When he reached the port, he secretly loaded the coffin onto a cruise ship.

That cruise ship was a popular luxury cruise liner, and there were thousands of international guests on it.

There was no clue on where Jester King planned to send the coffin to, but the strangest thing was, he did not board the cruise liner himself!

All the guests and crew on board had no idea what was happening, and none of them could ever imagine what was to happen.

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