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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2143

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2143


The two were about to have a showdown, and it was obvious it would only end when one of them died.

It was the most exciting day at The Cardinal Hall for many, an unbelievably rare occasion when a commoner was bold enough to challenge one of the divine generals.

Many of the juniors looked up to DG Gemini with adoration in their eyes, glad they finally could watch him show off his skills.

It was expected to be a nail-biting clash of the titans’ battle.

Just as the two men were about to go into battle, a voice sounded, saying, “Let him in!”


That voice scared the wits out of DG Gemini, and he almost fell to the ground.

It was Elder Celia!

She was the fearsome one which no one dared to offend.

The other divine generals and juniors’ faces paled upon hearing her voice too.

With an order from her, the path was cleared for Levi, Emma, and Cyrus to pass, and they entered the building without any further obstructions.

Levi’s wish was granted, and he finally got to meet Forlevia.

It had been quite a while since he last saw her, and she had grown quite a fair bit. She had grown to be a dreamy little fairy-like girl.

What caught his attention most was her strength. Levi could feel the great difference in her internal strength, which surprised him.

Both Levi and Cyrus were bewildered that a little girl like her could possess such amazing prowess.

That result was only possible by nurturing Forlevia, who possessed the strongest potential, with the mighty resources of The Cardinal Hall.

“Daddy, my masters say when I leave this place after training, I will be invincible!” Forlevia proudly told her dad.

That would be a boastful brag for most people, but coming from Forlevia, no one doubted her words.

“Daddy, where is Mommy? What about Grandpa and Grandma? Why are they not here?” Forlevia innocently asked.

Although she had been a very understanding and thoughtful little girl, like any other kid, she missed her family very much.

“Mommy is busy right now. I will come with them the next time!” Levi promised as he held her tightly in his arms. His heart ached at the thought of all the sufferings his poor little girl had gone through.

At the age whereby other children were attending playschool and carefreely enjoying themselves, Forlevia had to endure tough training that even adults found hard to withstand. She had to shoulder so much more burden because of her special family background.

Emma was crying her heart out for her pitiful granddaughter, and Levi’s eyes were brimming with tears too.

“Do you hate Daddy and Mommy, Evie?” Levi asked.

Forlevia shook her head and replied, “No, of course not! Evie knows Daddy and Mommy are doing important work. I want to grow up and be able to help you too! Don’t worry, Grandma and Daddy. Evie will be a good girl. Please promise you will visit me often because I miss you all so much!”

Levi had to look up to prevent his tears from falling. The more thoughtful his little girl was, the more his heart ached for her.

After a while, Forlevia’s masters came out to join them. One of them was the bad-tempered Elder Celia.

As soon as she appeared, the divine generals and juniors all retreated and disappeared from sight, not risking any chance of irking her.

When Elder Celia saw Levi, she commented, “I knew you were…”

Levi’s heart skipped a beat. He knew she was talking about the time when she battled Shaun and the other pure energy beings. At that time, he was hiding in a corner, secretly monitoring them.

He was just about to step in to intervene when Elder Celia arrived. So she had long discovered he was there!

Levi was secretly amazed by the masters The Cardinal Hall had assigned to coach Forlevia. They were all very impressive and mighty elders. He wondered how his mentor would compare to the masters of Forlevia. He would love to find out if his mentor was as powerful as them, or a league above them.

“You are not too bad. However, you can’t take Forlevia with you. We shall decide when she can leave this place!” she arrogantly declared.

“Don’t worry. I have no intention of bringing her away. This is the safest place she can be in, and I have full confidence in that!” he smilingly concurred.

“You are a smart guy, unlike the other fools!” Elder Celia nodded approvingly and gave him a compliment.

Levi hesitated for a moment, then said, “I do have a favor to ask of you.”


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