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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2140

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2140

A Visit To The Cardinal Hall

That explained why Cyrus was able to monitor The Cardinal Hall when Bruce entered Erudia to ship out the sunstones.

After hearing about Cyrus’ story, Levi found it was a simple case of revenge.

“It is not wrong of you to want to seek revenge for your family. However, you should not have brought harm to the innocent! If not for my special relationship with my mentor, you would not have stopped, right?” Cyrus submissively stood by as Levi lectured him.

“I would not stop you from seeking your revenge. However, from this moment on, if you were to do anything that brings harm to the innocent or threatens Erudia, I would not let you off!” Levi warned.

Cyrus nodded his head in agreement. Out of respect for Levi’s mentor, he would do anything Levi instructed him to do, even if it was at the expense of his own life.

“Oh, by the way, where am I now?” After coming to an agreement with Cyrus, Levi asked about his hiding place.

“We are still in Keerea, Maestro. We did not leave the country,” Cyrus replied.

Levi let out a resigned smile, amused by the fact that everyone seemed to have set up base in Keerea, bringing much chaos and trouble to this country.

After coming back from the brink of death, Levi missed his family very much and wanted to visit them.

He already knew the whereabouts of Zoey. She was with Sacred Organization, and according to Death Fiend, she was safe.

Levi planned to bring Zoey home after he met Emma and Forlevia.

Cyrus brought Levi to Emma’s hiding place, and they finally met.

“Let’s go, Mom! Let’s visit Evie!” Levi said.

Just like any other father, Levi missed his daughter very much.

He knew The Cardinal Hall was the safest place for her to be in at that moment. Under their protection, she could live a carefree life. Also, with their guidance, she could fully realize her potential and develop unparalleled prowess. That was the reason he chose to leave her there.

However, after his near-death experience, he realized how much he missed his daughter, so he had to see her again.

How could he meet Forlevia when no one knew where The Cardinal Hall was?

That may be a troubling hurdle for other people but with Cyrus by his side, that was no longer an issue for Levi.

Cyrus was from Eragon, and even though his family was from the marginalized lineage, he would still know where The Cardinal Hall was.

The Cardinal Hall, the most powerful martial arts organization of Erudia! Not only do they have the strongest combat capabilities, but they also held on to the trove of confidential information of Erudia.

It was a highly secretive place, comparable to the special zone #51 of Zarain and the Lab of Gods headquarter which held the top secrets of Zarain.

All these organizations held great influence over the world’s development. People knew about their existence but would not know where they were located.

Similarly, The Cardinal Hall and Eragon were the two top Erudian organizations others were desperate to uncover but had never succeeded.

At that moment, Levi made the historical step into The Cardinal Hall, and he was astounded by what he saw.

It was a futuristic town, quite contrary to the image of an ancient compound full of antiquated buildings that he had in mind.

The sight before his eyes was beyond his wildest imagination. The Cardinal Hall was a high-tech, futuristic, modern place!

The Cardinal Hall was not secluded and detached from the outside world. Quite the opposite, they were monitoring Erudia’s development with cutting-edge technology.

The fighters in The Cardinal Hall would most probably be a product of ancient wisdom and modern technology. With the latest and most advanced technology in their hands, they possessed the most powerful combat capabilities! That was how they managed to lead and control since ancient times, and it was easy to see them continue doing so in the future.

Cyrus could see the surprised look in Levi’s eyes, so he sighed and said, “Maestro, now you have seen it, you know why they are so powerful! No one will know exactly what capabilities they possess!”

At the entrance of The Cardinal Hall, Levi took a step into the compound and loudly announced, “Levi is here to pay a visit!”

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