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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2137

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2137

My Mysterious Master

Jester King left immediately upon receiving Scias’ new instructions.

Not too long after, the lab announced that Lucifer had been revived.

It was Dr. Erebus who performed the miracle and brought Lucifer back from the brink of hell.

“Death is not in his vocabulary!” Scias crowed.

“Now, time for me to start my project!” he concluded and washed his hands off all other matters to focus on the mysterious project he mentioned. Details of that project were top secret, but one could almost be sure it would be nothing short of crazy.

“Huh? I am still alive?” Levi woke up and found himself with a stronger body and greater prowess.

This is strange! Oh, it must be the Forbidden Technique!

He immediately thought of the most powerful skill of the Forbidden Technique, which he used during his fight with Lucifer.

So in actual fact, he had misunderstood it. The technique was not meant to kill oneself together with one’s foe, but to help one get out of the most desperate and dangerous situation. It was actually Reversero in its most extreme form. When his body was inflicted with the most deadly injuries, he came back with the most prowess!

He had finally deciphered the secret of the Forbidden Technique!

Levi was, of course, elated to be alive.

“Hahaha, who would have thought I would still be alive! Hahaha…” he laughed out loud.

At that moment, he realized how much he treasured and missed his family and compatriots…

“Wait! Someone is out there?” He abruptly stopped laughing when he sensed there were people outside of his room.

When he pushed open the door, he was taken aback by the scene that greeted him.

There were a few hundred people kneeling in front of his room!

What is this?

Levi was dumbstruck by the sight.

“What are you…?” he couldn’t help but ask.

“We have been waiting for you to wake up!” the crowd chorused.

“Waiting for me to wake up? So you were the ones who saved me?” he responded.

“No, we did nothing much. It is mainly your own credit, Maestro! To be more precise, it is because you executed the Forbidden Technique!” someone replied.

Levi was shocked that they knew about the Forbidden Technique and wondered if they were the trouble his mentor had warned him about if he used the Forbidden Technique.

“Who are you?” Levi could not hold back his curiosity.

He was pretty sure they were not his foes, as he would not be alive if they were. Also, his foes would not be there guarding him when he was in a coma.

“Hope you will allow us to ask you a question first. May we know how you get that black seal?”

Instantly, the few hundred pairs of eyes were on Levi, all filled with anticipation.

“My mentor gave it to me!” Levi blurted out.

However, he immediately corrected himself by adding, “No, to be more specific, I see him as my mentor. He had never acknowledged me as a disciple, nor does he like me to address him that way!”


As soon as the crowd heard his reply, they all started bowing down and prostrated themselves at him.

“Respect to Heaven and Earth!”

“Respect to The Holy Seal!”

“Respect to Maestro!”

Levi knew they were bowing and showing respect to him because of his mentor, but he was still surprised they were showing him so much reverence even though he had already told them his mentor had never accepted him as a disciple!


“No! The fact that Maestro handed the holy seal to you and taught you the Forbidden Technique meant you are his apprentice! And you are the one and only, as he had never accepted anyone before!”

“Yes, you are his heir! The black seal is proof of that!”

“We all acknowledge you as his heir, and everyone else will too!”

From their chatters, Levi confirmed his earlier guess that they were there because of his mentor. He also came to know they were from the Ancient Clans from all over the world.

Some of the clans had been in existence since time immemorial, but they had kept a low profile so they were not widely known to the public.

Many were as established as Eragon, and some even dated back to before The Cardinal Hall was set up!

“So, in short, who exactly is my mentor?”

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