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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2136

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2136

The Terrifying Powers Of Forbidden Technique

“This is impossible!” the man shouted.

He was from the Ancient Clans and had exceptional medical knowledge and skills.

“What is wrong?” His reaction puzzled the rest of the group.

“He was dead a while ago, but he seems to be breathing again! His body is self-healing!” the man exclaimed in shock.

“That is impossible!”

“So he is not dead?”

The men were elated by the surprising revelation.

“Oh, wonderful! That is simply wonderful!”

“No, something is not right! This is unbelievable! Not only is he reviving, but he also seems to be coming back stronger and more formidable, like a phoenix rising from the ashes!” the man marveled.

Everyone stayed still, and true enough, they too, felt a growing vitality exuding from Levi.

How is this possible?

Not only did he survive, but he is coming back stronger?

Who can explain this?

“What is happening? All of you are learned men, so can any of you explain what is happening?”

The men looked at one another puzzledly, unable to give a reasonable explanation of what they were witnessing.

“Forbidden Technique! He used the Forbidden Technique!”

“Oh yes! I have heard about a skill in Maestro’s Forbidden Technique that requires one to perish with the foe!” a man shared.

Then he added, “But that was to be used only as a last resort! I heard it wasn’t really about perishing with your foe, but more like a test to see if one really had the determination to do so. Most people would not dare to try it, as not many had that kind of courage to make such a drastic move. However, once you go beyond that point, it was not death but a renewed life that greets you!”

The man took a look at Levi and declared, “He had just proven it works!”

“Oh, that is great! It is wonderful that he is alive!”

No one expected Lucifer to be brought back to life, but Levi’s revival was even more unexpected.

A few divine generals were kneeling in front of The Manifest Court at The Cardinal Hall.

“Masters, you knew Levi was alive, didn’t you?” they asked.

“Yes,” came the reply

“Why did you not tell us earlier?” they asked, baffled.

An angry voice boomed from The Manifest Court’s building, chiding, “Do we have to explain ourselves to you?”

“No, no, no! We are just perplexed over this!” The divine generals’ faces paled, and they hurriedly explained.

Indeed, even the divine brigadier had no right to question these mighty men, so they were overstepping their boundaries.

“Seniors, we just received news that Levi had really died this time. The Lab of Gods…” News traveled fast, and it had reached the ears of The Manifest Court.

“We already knew about that. Well, that is his fate, so there is nothing we can do about it. We can only pray that Erudia will have more men like him!”

“You have seen the might of Lab of Gods, so you know how horrifying they are.”

“You are nothing compared to them now, so better buck up! We don’t want to be going around clearing up the mess you leave behind!”

“Yes, we understand!” the divine generals fearfully replied.

After the divine generals left, the elderly men could be heard discussing, “So it is the Forbidden Technique! It has resurfaced!”

“Will he die?”

“That would be almost impossible!”

Back at the Lab of Gods, Jester King was asking, “The Ancients Clans have been very active recently. What brought them out?”

“Yes, I noticed that too. Those old men I used to know have made unexpected appearances recently. It is indeed rare!”

“It is not easy to get information from these men. They are all tight-lipped and will not divulge anything!”

“That is why we have to speed up! We have to move a step ahead of them in order to maintain control over the situation,” Scias said.

Jester King fell into silence.

What Scias had mentioned were the secretive future plans of the Lab of Gods, which not many people were privy of.

“Come over. I have a new mission for you. See to it immediately!” Scias suddenly recalled something and gave Jester King a new order.

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