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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2135

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2135

He Must Live Beyond Us

Levi is dead!

Half a year ago, when that news came out from the battle at Goldenport Island, it created a huge uproar!

The Erudians mourned while his foes celebrated.

No one could imagine they would hear the same news again six months later.

What is happening?

Levi is dead?

Isn’t he dead long ago?

Why is this trending again?

Soon, many speculations and news surfaced.

People began to realize Levi actually did not perish during the battle at Goldenport Island. He had staged his own death and deceived everyone.

In fact, it was Levi who guarded the sunstone supply of Erudia and destroyed all of the Lab of Gods’ training bases around the world. The recent killings of Bruce and all the prominent leaders were also his works.

People were shocked to hear that he had been furiously protecting Erudia from harm and it was him secretly going against Bruce.

The divine generals of The Cardinal Hall finally understood why people said they were insignificant compared to Levi and why The Manifest Court insisted on them saving him at the last moment.

News also came out that the fighters of Lab of Gods made an unexpected return to Keerea and caught Levi off-guard. He finally died after being poisoned and ambushed by many elites. However, even with his last breath, he took down a mighty foe with him.

Azure Dragon and his team were devastated by the news as they had thought he managed to keep safe after the Goldenport Island incident.

Sammy was too overwhelmed with grieve, and the fact that Triple Group had found out she had committed the grave crime of hiding Levi did not matter to her anymore. She would give up anything to bring Levi back to life.

The high-rank officials of Triple Group decided to destroy Levi’s body and forcefully brought Sammy away from it.

Unexpectedly, a man suddenly appeared out of nowhere and declared, “Don’t you dare touch him!”

In the blink of an eye, the man disappeared together with Levi’s body, right in front of them!

“What is that? What is happening?”

It was too unreal for them, and they couldn’t believe their eyes! The man was so quick that they did not even have time to take a good look at his face before he took off with Levi’s body.

It was Fiery Demon who took away Levi!

After he heard about the killing of Bruce, he had been keeping an eye on Levi. However, after he saw Levi was safe, he left. No one had expected that the Lab of Gods would turn back and go after Levi again.

“You can’t die!” Cyrus cried out in desperation to Levi’s body.

Soon, a group of people rushed in. They were from the Ancient Clans.

They had rushed over after being notified by Cyrus.

“Is… is that him?” They looked at Levi with doubt.

“Search his body! we may find some evidence!” Cyrus said.

One of the men gingerly searched Levi’s body and found the black seal.

Plop! Plop!

The sight of the black seal brought all the men to their knees, and they were crying tears of joy!

That seal meant a lot to all of them, and they would willingly give up their lives for the person holding that seal!

“It is real! This time it is for real!” they shouted in excitement.

“Save him! We have to save him!” Cyrus yelled.

“Yes! We have to save him. Regardless of the cost, we have to save him!”

“One thing is for sure, even if we all die, he cannot die!”

Levi’s condition was so bad that they were pulling their hair out trying to figure a way to revive him.

Without any delay, they started working on it.

“Huh? Strange! He…” Soon, a man found something weird about Levi.

“What is wrong? What happened?” The rest crowded over anxiously.

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