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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2134

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2134

Till Death Do We Part

Lucifer grinned, pleased to see Levi in that pathetic state.

He has given up!

It gave him immense satisfaction to be able to beat a man like Levi to the point of desperation, hopelessness, and surrender.

I, Lucifer, did it!

Just as he was about to deliver the final fatal blow on Levi, Levi suddenly opened his eyes and gave him a terrifying look.

Lucifer froze on the spot, the smile wiped off his face.

Oh no!

By the time he realized something was wrong, it was too late.

A man like Levi would never give up on his fight! He never did that in the past, was not about to do it at that moment, and would likely never do it even in the future.

It was true he was thinking about Emma, Zoey, and Forlevia, but it was not because he gave up his fight and was waiting for doom.

He was waiting to launch a surprise counter-attack at his final moment.

He had thrown caution in the wind and decided to go for the kill, even if that meant he would perish together with Lucifer.

That was the last thing he would do before his death, as Levi would never simply give up!

It was too late when Lucifer saw through Levi’s intentions.

Levi was about to sacrifice his own life in order to bring him down.

That was one of the most sinister skills in the Forbidden Technique.

Levi had gone out of his mind and had no regard for his own life anymore. It was obvious to everyone present, but there was nothing they could do to stop him.


Levi clung onto Lucifer like a leech, and despite his best efforts, Lucifer could not get rid of Levi. He panicked and rained punches on Levi. Alas, even though Levi was bleeding profusely, he held on to Lucifer with all his might.

Bang! Bang!

Whenever a strike landed on Levi and inflicted a wound on him, a similar wound would appear on Lucifer’s body.

Lucifer experienced firsthand the horrors of the Forbidden Technique.

Levi was using his last remaining strength to take Lucifer down with him.

Bang, bang, bang!

It all happened in a split second, and before anyone realized what had happened, both Levi and Lucifer had collapsed onto the ground.

Both their bodies were laden with ugly raw wounds, but Levi went down with a triumphant smile. He had successfully killed Lucifer, even though it was with the heavy price of his own life.

Till the last moment, he had no regrets.



Sammy, Jester King, and the crowd shouted out in distress as the two men slumped on the ground, motionless.

“Levi has perished, but so has Lucifer…” Jester King reported to Scias.

“Useless bums! What a bunch of idiots! Levi was so badly injured, yet you gave him the chance to kill Lucifer?” Scias howled.

After a short pause, he suddenly added, “Wait a moment. Let me check on Lucifer! Oh, there is still hope! He is not beyond cure! Bring him back! But Levi, he is dead for sure!”

Jester King hurriedly brought Lucifer away, totally ignoring Levi and Sammy.

“We’ll deal with Triple Group in the future! Saving Lucifer is our priority now!”

Soon, only two figures were left in the midst of the ruined site. Sammy was wailing next to the motionless body of Levi, whose eyes were closed, but the corners of his mouth were lifted as if he was smiling at his final moment.

When Lucifer was brought back to the Lab of Gods, Scias handed his body to the most terrifying doctor there, popularly known as Dr. Erebus.

Dr. Erebus, who was rumored to be able to save his patients from hell, checked on Lucifer and smirked, “To you, he is dead. But to me, he is still alive! I can perform a miracle and let him come back in another way even if he is dead!”

That was the precise reason why Scias told Bruce that so long as the bodies were intact, he could bring them back to life. It might not be life in its original form, but he could let them live on in another way.

Dr. Erebus was the one who started Project Genesis, and he was a truly terrifying but brilliant doctor.

It was something Levi had not predicted. Never in his wildest dream could he have known the man he killed at the expense of his own life would be revived!

Sammy brought over a doctor, and Levi was certified dead.

Unlike the staged death at Goldenport Island, this time, he was really dead, as he had fought with the intention of perishing together with Lucifer.

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