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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2133

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2133

This Is The End

Meanwhile, Lucifer and his men were being agitated by the young men produced by the Devil Genesis Project.

“Kill them all!”

Lucifer scoffed, “Do you know how you came to being? How dare you stand against us?”

Thirty years ago, the man in a suit had started Project Genesis at the Lab of Gods.

He too had started the Triple Group’s Devil Genesis Project.

Given that he was the founder of both projects, the young men in front of them were considered his creations.

Ironically, they were now standing in their way which made for a twisted joke.


Suddenly, the tattoos on Lucifer’s body began to glow. With a sudden explosion of power, he grabbed one of the young men and tore him apart with his bare hands.


Hell Witch then unleashed Hellfire to burn one of them to crisp.

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to absorb fire like Levi.

Whoever that was caught would be incinerated to bits.

At the same time, Jester King and Kraken used their own abilities to kill the enemies they faced.

As for the ten elite warriors that the man in a suit had sent, all of them eliminated their foes with their own unique abilities.

In less than a minute, the young men were all massacred.

Against Lucifer’s overwhelming power, they didn’t stand a chance at all.

When Lucifer and his men caught up with Sammy and Levi, both of them were stunned.

What happened to the group of young men?

Were they defeated in less than a minute?

How is this possible?

“Are you looking for them still? They’re dead!”

Lucifer grabbed one of their heads and flung it toward Sammy’s feet.


She caught her breath in response.

After all, she knew better than anyone how strong the young men were.

She wasn’t even hoping that they could defeat Lucifer. Nevertheless, she expected them to at least be able to put up a longer fight.

No one had expected all of them to perish within a minute.

That showed that Lucifer and his men were just too strong.

“Levi, your end is near. Today is the day you die and no one will be able to save you!” Lucifer sneered.

Jester King looked at Sammy, “Don’t worry, once all this ends, we will start cleansing the Triple Group with blood.”

“Stop them!”

Shocked by his words, Sammy used her special authority to mobilize all of Triple Group’s elites to stop them.

The next moment, tens of thousands of formidable fighters appeared.

“It’s useless! You can’t stop them. Don’t sacrifice them in vain!” Levi yelled.

Given how strong their enemies were, even a hundred thousand more men wouldn’t be enough.

“In that case, what should we do?”

Sammy began to panic as she didn’t want Levi to die.

“Let me think of a plan!”

Sitting on the ground, Levi racked his brains as he desperately tried to come up with something.

He recalled in his mind all the ancient books that his master had left him and tried to figure out a strategy.

“Don’t move! No one is allowed to move!”

At that moment, the high-rank officials of Triple Group appeared after they received the news. They subsequently ordered their fighters to stand down.

This put Levi at Lucifer’s mercy.

“We’re doomed! Looks like we’re not going to survive today!” Levi lamented.

Within such a short time, he couldn’t come up with any countermeasures at all.

Lucifer and his men were just overwhelmingly powerful.

There was little they could do that would make any difference.

“What are we going to do now?”

Sammy was seized by panic.

Soon, Lucifer had come face to face with Levi.

“Levi, prepare to say goodbye to the world! You’re as good as dead now!”

Lucifer wanted Levi to die the same way Bruce did.

As the tattoos on his body began to glow, he harnessed an insidious power to kill Levi with a single strike.

He wasn’t going to allow Levi any opportunity to live.

Realizing that his end was near, Levi closed his eyes in resignation.

In his mind, the silhouettes of his mother, Zoey, and Forlevia flashed across.

“Goodbye! This is the end.”

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