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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2130

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2130

The Terrifying Doctor

The man provided Lucifer with more elite fighters as a backup.

“Are you injured too? What a useless bunch!” the man scolded them again.

Nevertheless, he provided them with some specially customized medication.

Their eyes glistened when they saw the medication as if they were some kind of treasure.

In fact, they were right. The medication had a mysterious ability to heal and also to increase one’s power.

Furthermore, it also provided some unexpected benefits.

Someone of Bruce’s level had no access to such medication.

Even for Lucifer, the medication didn’t come by easily.

Therefore, the four of them thanked the man in the suit at once.

After downing the medication, all their internal injuries and external wounds healed at once.

Furthermore, they could feel their abilities being elevated which delighted the four of them.

“I liked Bruce for how competent he is. However, it was a shame that we were too late. Or else, I could’ve gotten someone to save him,” the man lamented.


Lucifer and the others caught their breath as they knew who he was talking about.

If not for the fact that Bruce’s body was decimated, he could’ve been revived.

That person was none other than the most terrifying doctor in the Lab of Gods.

With that, Lucifer and his men headed toward Keerea in their attempt to execute a counterattack.

It was an unexpected at their end.

Everyone had assumed that the Lab of Gods would have stayed their hand for the time being after suffering such a brutal defeat.

However, no one expected them to not only know Levi’s identity, but also his location.

With that, Lucifer set off to face Levi.

Although the men in a suit did not send many men, every one of them was an elite fighter in their own right.

Even Lucifer dared not underestimate them.

Consequently, they were filled with anticipation for the upcoming strike.

Meanwhile, back in Sammy’s manor at Stellar City, Levi was recuperating from his injuries.

He was in a safe place where no one could find him.

This time, the injuries he had suffered were extremely serious. Despite combining his secret healing technique with Sammy’s latest technology, he had only managed to recover fifty percent of his strength.

To be back at a hundred percent, he needed ten days to half a month’s time of recovery.

Levi lamented, “This is terrible. If I hadn’t absorbed the inferno, my condition would probably be worse.”

“What’s your plan after you recover?” Sammy asked.

“I will continue to strengthen myself and expose the Lab of Gods for who they are,” Levi replied.

When he was casually chatting with Sammy, he didn’t expect Lucifer and his men to return.

At that moment, a group of men arrived in Stellar City, heralding a brutal battle ahead.

“We have just received news that Levi is recuperating at Sammy’s holiday manor. However, he is only midway through his recovery and is at his weakest right now.”

“All right. Let’s move! We must either kill or capture Levi,” Lucifer ordered.

Fiddling with his poker cards, Jester King sneered, “Once we have eliminated Levi, I am going to give the Triple Group a good cleansing.”

The others nodded in agreement. “Of course. Given that they no longer obey us, we must remind them of the need for absolute obedience.”

Soon, Lucifer and his team appeared in the vicinity of Sammy’s holiday manor.

However, Sammy was someone vigilant. She had surrounded the manor with hidden sentries and scouts.

After Levi had found her, she beefed up the manor’s security accordingly.

Therefore, the manor’s surroundings were packed with even more guards.

However, Lucifer and his men still managed to infiltrate the building.

To them, the guards posed no threat at all as they were taken down one by one.

When they were done, a total of three hundred and seventeen men had been disposed of without Sammy being alerted.

Finally, only the manor was left standing.

Although Lucifer’s team only had fourteen men, they were enough to surround the manor and seal off all exits.

“Let’s begin!”

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