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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2129

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2129

Exposed Identity

“The scariest part is that they are not from the earliest generations, but are from generations that come much later,” Sammy exclaimed.

Levi understood what she meant. “Are you saying that they are not considered the strongest? In other words, their powers diminish after generations of inheritance?”

“Exactly! The strongest from the clans are from the first generation. Therefore, they are trying their best to regain the powers of their ancestors through research.”

Sammy gasped.

“The Lab of Gods is extremely powerful. However, as long as I’m alive, they will never have their way.”

The fact that he was faced with a mighty foe didn’t deter Levi at all.

“Your injuries are really serious. It looks like you will need more time to recuperate.”

Sammy was already treating Levi’s wounds.

“I had overstretched myself this time as I wasn’t aware of what the consequences of using the Forbidden Technique were.”

Levi had always been concerned about that.

He finally realized why his master had warned him not to use it lightly.

Nevertheless, he no longer needed to worry now that he had used it.

From then on, he could unleash it without any reservations.

Whoever offended him would be dealt with by using the Forbidden Technique.

There was no need to hold back anymore.

However, he wasn’t aware of the emergence of the Ancient Clans.

“What a disgrace!”

Back at the Lab of Gods, Lucifer and his comrades lowered their heads while being admonished by a man dressed in a dashing suit and leather shoes.

He was also wearing a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles.

“Have any of you any use at all? How can you not know his identity by now?”

The four of them didn’t even dare to breathe.

They had assumed that no one could stop their combined attacks.

However, no one expected Levi to be this strong!

More importantly, they didn’t even know Levi’s identity as all this while, it was Bruce who had dealt with him.

All they were doing was exacting revenge on his behalf.

“In that case, let me tell you who he is!” the man in a suit roared.

In response, the four of them looked up in curiosity.

“He is Levi Garrison! He still lives!”

“What? Levi? He…”

Just when everyone conveyed their skepticism, the man in a suit bellowed, “Are you going to say that it’s impossible? But Levi is obviously alive. All of you have been deceived by him! After the incident with Bruce, I personally investigated the matter and discovered that he still lives!”

Given that the man had personally verified the fact, no one was in any doubt.

It was as if his every word was truth itself.

“Later on, I received a message from Bruce before he died. He confirmed that it was Levi,” the man added.

“It really is him! I can’t believe he is alive and has caused so much trouble!”

“It’s all our fault for underestimating him and letting Bruce deal with him alone.”

“Now, I’m going to give you an opportunity to make up for your mistake,” the man declared.


The four of them were stunned.

“What opportunity?”

The man finally let out a smile. “Not only do I know his identity, but I also know his hideout right now.”


The four of them were shocked at how the man knew.

On second thought, it wasn’t surprising for the man to have discovered where Levi was.

To the Lab of Gods, it wasn’t a matter of Levi being powerful.

It was more because the truly important figures of the organization had no time to deal with him.

If one of their leaders had taken action, Levi would have been disposed of a long time ago.

The gulf between their strength was simply too great.

Hence, there was no need for them to deal with it themselves.

“Wh-where is he?”

Lucifer gulped.

“He is hiding with Sammy of the Triple Group in Stellar City. She has betrayed us long ago! All of you should infiltrate Keerea at once. Levi is grievously injured right now, and he must be killed! I’ll also provide you with more men just in case something unexpected happens.”

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