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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2126

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2126

Turn Into A Killing Machine

After countless futile attempts, Levi finally decided to activate Forbidden Technique as he was desperate to survive.


Immediately, black stripes appeared on his face as his air became uncanny and destructive, as though a being from abyssal hell.

He activated a catastrophic Forbidden Technique— Forbidden Annihilation, which could profoundly enhance his power.

Unfortunately, even though he would become invincible, he could lose consciousness and be immersed in bloodthirstiness; thus, slaughtering all the living things in sight.

Therefore, his master prohibited him from thoughtlessly using the Forbidden Technique as he could descend into a ruthless demon if he failed to gain control over his consciousness.

Now, Levi’s aura had become more menacing than that of Lucifer or Hell Witch.

Shocked, the three gazed at the perilous man before their eyes in fear.

Even though Levi was one class lesser than them, he had lost himself after activating Forbidden Annihilation and turned into an intimidating killing machine.

“I’ll slaughter you!” Levi growled malevolently.

Fortunately, he retained part of his consciousness.

His goal was not to destroy everyone in sight but to escape from the place.

Hence, he did not charge toward the three, but toward the direction with the weakest defense.

“Oh no! He’s planning to run away!”

Upon noticing his intention, the three immediately chased after him.

Meanwhile, other elites from Lab of Gods tried to stop Levi, who was charging at them.



After turning into a killing machine, Levi tore the enemies apart viciously, without any fancy skills but solely the bestial way—his hands to crush them and his feet to pulverize them.

Indeed, that was how brutal Forbidden Annihilation could get. Those who had fallen would go berserk and had the urge to kill. With that, they would even consume blood and flesh due to uncontrollable desire.

Overpowered by the urge, Levi had turned into a murderous demon and massacred those who hindered him.

In no time, pieces of fleshes and broken limbs scattered around.

Crumbs of shattered bones and fresh red blood covered the battlefield while screams of agony filled the area.

The gruesome scene terrified those who survived from Lab of Gods.

That’s horrific!

It’s terrifying!

In fact, who would not be?

Unable to hold back the monstrous being, the survivors scuttled around, retreating from the scene.

How shameful it was to those from Lab of Gods, for they had never been vanquished to such degree.

Meanwhile, Lucifer and the two hastily bolted toward Levi to impede the latter’s escape.

The blood-red tattoo grew and covered Lucifer. They were perfused with blood and provided him with immense wicked power.

Jester King transformed into his ultimate form, giving out a menacing impression as Kraken deliberately incorporated a profound mass of seawater into himself.

Their goal was to eradicate him in a single blow, reclaiming glory for Lab of Gods.

He’s fighting alone! If we are to let him get away, it will be a disgrace to Lab of Gods!

Determined, they charged at Levi simultaneously.

“I’ll slaughter you!” Levi roared to activate Forbidden Annihilation again and flung a punch toward the three, with the fastest speed, the greatest strength, and the most malicious intent.

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