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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2124

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2124

Why Is He Unscratched

“This is your punishment for offending Lab of Gods. No matter who you are, you’re done for.”

Lucifer made an evil smirk as he spoke.

Jester King and the man from the sea, too, grinned sidelong venomously.

Looking at Levi, unable to free himself from Hell Witch’s Hellfire, they reckoned that he was nothing but a piece of dead meat.

Even God can’t save him now! I know countless people are rushing over to the rescue. Even Cyrus is coming! Unfortunately, it’s too late now. They can never save him. Well… Maybe the Eighteen Dark Angels watching from there might have a shot.

At the same time, Hell Witch cackled maliciously as she listened to Levi’s cries.

However, her grin gradually disappeared over time and finally turned into a dropped open mouth.

Bewildered, she could not believe her eyes.

What? He’s not damaged? Impossible! After my Hellfire has penetrated the body, no one can survive it! They will all burn to ashes, leaving neither their body nor soul! But why is he unscratched? Even his organs are still intact! No way! Even pure energy beings will burn to crumbs under my Hellfire. On the contrary, he’s merely feeling pain and nothing else!

The rest noticed Hell Witch’s expression and slowly fathomed the situation. Soon, their smiles vanished as they stared in puzzlement.

What’s happening? Does it have no effect on him?


As though his body was torn apart, the unbearable anguish caused Levi’s scream to intensify.


Suddenly, immense energy exploded from Levi, sending Hell Witch flying away.

As if he had rebirthed, his energy was more profound and ready to destroy everything.

Shockingly, he had completely absorbed the Hellfire.

They never anticipated him to survive the Hellfire, let alone absorbing it, which caused his aura to grow more and he was even more intimidating.

Even Levi himself thought he was done for.

The burning agony was reminiscent of death as if he had violently melted away.

Never had he expected himself to possess such stupendous power, allowing him to absorb and incorporate the Hellfire into his blood, finally enhancing his physique.

It was all thanks to his master’s reformation and his resolution.


Levi gazed at the four, smirking.

Shocked, Hell Witch stared at him, her jaws agape.

What? My Hellfire that could destroy anything is useless against Levi?

Incredulous, she summoned her Hellfire and shot them at Levi.

Unfortunately, it had not much effect on Levi over time.

It hurt at first when Levi absorbed her Hellfire. Gradually, the pain diminished and the fire was finally absorbed by him. Next, he took in the Hellfire with ease as he approached her effortlessly.

With just a smack, Hell Witch was sent flying away.

Nonetheless, he was cautious. As Lucifer and the rest were still around, the danger had yet to be resolved.

Suddenly, the man who was called Kraken angrily stomped his legs, and numerous vortexes emerged from the gushing waves from afar.

By controlling the sea, he could alter the flow of energy around the area.

As though situated in an aberrant magnetic field, Levi realized that his power was suppressed.

Meanwhile, the eerie tattoo on Lucifer was perfused with blood and started beaming in blood red.

Instantly, tremendous energy blasted out and meandered violently toward Levi.


Upon taking the blow, blood dripped out of the corner of Levi’s mouth as his vision became blurry.

What an incredible strength! Now I understand, when the strange tattoo on Lucifer’s arm is perfused, he will gain immense power.

“It’s my turn now!” Jester King yelled, thirsty to strike.

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