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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2120

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2120

Jester King

In Lab of Gods, they called him Jester King.

He was of the same class as Bruce’s superior and was powerful enough to be admitted into the core level of the Lab of Gods.

The Lab of Gods’ aircraft traveled as fast as lightning.

However, Jester King still arrived ahead and stopped Levi.

He was covered in a sinister and threatening aura that brought fear to the Eighteen Dark Angels.

Even Levi’s expression changed.

He is dangerous because I can’t feel his presence at all. I can’t sense any blood circulation or breathing. Finally, a strong opponent. It’s going to be interesting.


Jester King made his move, resulting in tremors over the ground and sky.

Suddenly, he disappeared from before Levi’s eyes.

There was not even a trace of his shadow.

Then, Jester King suddenly reappeared right in front of Levi again with a flaming aura around him as if trying to burn Levi.


A crisp noises sounded, and the sky darkened.

Jester King grabbed Levi by his throat.

Instantly, Levi felt a tremendous force, as if the mountains were pressing down on him, threatening to flatten him.

It was clear that Jester King wanted to squash him flat.

Levi grabbed his arms, struggling to free himself.

However, Jester King kept pushing him back for a few hundred meters.

Levi’s feet sunk a few meters into the ground in his attempt to resist Jester King.

However, he could not stop himself from being pushed back.

Jester King was incredibly strong and overpowered Levi.

It was unbelievable.

Before this, Levi had always been able to crush and slaughter any fighter from the Lab of Gods.

“What should we do now?” The Eighteen Dark Angels exchanged glances with each other.

Death Fiend said sternly, “Dark Emperor ordered us to bring him back, so let’s help him!”

Eighteen Dark Angels immediately charged toward Jester King.

Levi and Jester King both noticed what Eighteen Dark Angels were doing.

“Go away! I don’t need your help!” Levi yelled.

He immediately exerted another burst of energy, strong enough to move mountains.

He activated the technique he had used just now to force back Eighteen Dark Angels.

It was also a technique he crafted by himself using the Forbidden Technique.

He made use of the technique on Jester King this time.


A terrifying energy pushed Jester King away.

Everyone was stunned.

Even Jester King was puzzled and shocked.

He never expected Levi to push him away like that.

In actuality, Levi was surprised by what he did too.

It was his first time meeting such a challenging opponent like Jester King.

“I’ll kill whoever that obstructs me!” Jester King glanced at Eighteen Dark Angels and warned them.

In an instant, he charged at Levi again.


Jester King issued a punch. It may seem like an ordinary punch, but it carried enough force to shake the earth.

Levi punched toward Jester King at the same time.


Their fists collided with so much force that it felt like meteors collided.

At this moment, everyone could feel as if the world had gone out of balance.

It was as if the tectonic plates had moved.

At the same time, the seawater churned as if it was boiling.

The island they were standing on was on the verge of sinking.

This was how terrifying the force of their punches was.

Everyone was stunned.

No one expected them to be this powerful.

Then, both of them continued to battle each other.

“We need to do something now. Otherwise, none of us get to leave here!” Death Fiend said.

Now, an army from the Lab of Gods had arrived.

Aircrafts landed one after another.

Bruce’s superior led a team to the island and surrounded it completely.

It was now the worst-case scenario.

Levi had no chance to escape unless he killed his way out.

However, his opponent this time was at least a class above Bruce.

He could sense a tremendous power from Jester King.

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