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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2114

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2114

The Forbidden Technique Of Levi


Who could withstand that?

That was too terrifying.

The second Celia of The Cardinal Hall has appeared.

He could kill four pure energy beings in an instant!

Who would have thought of that?

Someone could actually do what Celia of The Cardinal Hall did.

Kill pure energy beings in a second!

Everyone from the Lab of Gods was insanely fearful of what they saw.

This is an imminent catastrophe!

Levi curled his lips.

The way he had killed the pure energy beings was different from Celia’s.

She was too f**king powerful!

So powerful that nothing mattered to her!

She didn’t care who they were, and down came her hand in a stroke!

Levi was able to deliver instant death to the pure energy beings because of his solitary training.

He took various Forbidden Techniques, transformed and re-integrated them into something new and unique.

What Levi had just used was the One Finger Technique which concentrated all his energy and power into a single explosive point.

It created an unimaginable destructive force in an instant which could annihilate everything.

Even the powerful pure energy beings could not overcome it.

The transformed techniques that had become Levi’s very own were comparable in strength to that of the original Forbidden Techniques.

However, he had to pay the price of having his energy greatly drained whenever he used it.

Once he had used his One Finger Technique, it would take at least half a month before he could be fully restored and use it again.

The instantaneous concentration of power into a single explosive point consumed a lot of strength from his body.

Even if he had improved it, he should not use it too frequently.

The power that had been drained from him could not be recovered so soon.

Bruce and his men had never imagined that things would turn out this way.

Levi had made up his mind to kill Bruce today.


He suddenly appeared in front of Bruce.

Everyone jumped in fright.

Bruce put on his armor instantly while the others tried to hold Levi back.

Boom! Boom!

Levi was punching everyone who stood in his path.

They exploded one after another.

If the pure energy beings were in his way, Levi immediately use his version of the transformed Forbidden Technique.

One by one, the pure energy beings were blown up!

There was no stopping Levi!

Bruce was lamenting the fact that he did not acquire the pure energy beings that Jared had.

Instead, he had got the inferior mass-produced version that was now being destroyed in a second.

Nevertheless, Bruce’s men were obstinately obstructing Levi as much as they could.

They were willing to sacrifice their lives for him.

Levi’s strength was just too powerful, and they fell one after another.

Blood splattered and bones flew!

Many vaporized into an explosive fog of blood.

The pure energy beings were disintegrated and dissipated.

A forlorn state came over them.

There were less and less people.

Levi was getting closer to Bruce.

Bruce’s panic grew and was frantically looking for help.

Unfortunately, everyone within 50 miles had been killed by Levi.

The incoming air rescue encountered interference to their aircraft systems and could not do anything.

Sammy had made sure that her hacker kept up with the interference.

Hurry up! Come on, support team, do hurry up!

Bruce was breaking out in a cold sweat.

He could see that his men were greatly diminished.

He no longer wished to know who the assailant was.

All he wanted was survival!

The massacre continued.

The blood bath was relentless.

Men fell one after another.


The last pure energy being was targeted by Levi’s finger and disappeared into thin air.

The remaining dozen or so people by Bruce’s side were dazed and stupefied, including Peter.

“Arghhh! Run!” they howled in dejection.

They abandoned Bruce and his men ran for their lives. They were no fools at this critical moment.

Levi paid no attention to them.

His target was Bruce.

Bruce hit the ultimate panic button…

His life and death depended on that.

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