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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2108

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2108

Creating A New Era

Celia was warning everyone in the world not to get any ideas about Erudia and her disciple.

If it was in the past, even if Levi saved Erudia time and time again, the foreigners would not give a damn about it because it was not intimidating enough.

However, after Celia gave her warning, everyone was afraid.

She had shown tremendous power by slapping so many pure energy beings to the ground. Obviously, everyone was scared of her.

Just when various forces in various countries were studying how to deal with the pure energy beings, she appeared and showed that she could kill them. The shock she brought was beyond words.

In the meantime, Bruce’s face fell as he was frightened.

He finally understood why his superior said that the Lab of Gods could deal with pure energy beings.

It turned out that in the eyes of the really powerful fighters, pure energy beings were weaklings, which could be easily crushed.

Before they could reach the level of Jared, all of them were nothing but weaklings.

With that, Bruce’s plan had failed miserably.

His original plan was to use people like Shaun to force The Cardinal Hall to show their trump cards one by one.

The Cardinal Hall would slowly send out more and more powerful experts.

At least ten batches and above, and he could analyze those experts from The Cardinal Hall.

In his expectation, it was not easy for The Cardinal Hall to deal with dozens of pure energy beings.

Hence, he expected them to send more than ten batches of experts according to his plan and would reveal most of their trump cards.

Little did he know that such a strong female fighter would appear and slap all the pure energy beings to the ground.

Furthermore, everyone could tell that she had shown mercy.

Otherwise, Shaun and the others would have been dead.

How terrifying! She dealt with all of them with just a slap.

Bruce was dumbfounded, but The Cardinal Hall was even more dumbstruck.

The matter that we beat our brains out on is settled so easily?

However, sometimes hiding was not necessarily a good thing.

At certain times, it was better to be decisive and deal with the problem once and for all.

“Do you understand now? The Cardinal Hall and Eragon are very powerful. Just like how you don’t know how powerful the Lab of Gods is!” Bruce’s superior threw cold water on him.

At that moment, Bruce finally realized that he was too arrogant.

It was too naive of me to think that I could use these pure energy beings to measure the strength of The Cardinal Hall’s trump cards.

The result was obvious—he had failed.

Not only that, but he also elicited such a lunatic that shocked the whole world.

Meanwhile, at the Sacred Organization, Death Fiend finally understood what Dark Emperor said earlier and his disdain for the pure energy beings.

In the face of absolute power, the pure energy beings were vulnerable.

If they could not deal with it, it meant they were not strong enough.

“We couldn’t afford to provoke The Cardinal Hall and Eragon. Basically, the heritage of The Cardinal Hall and Eragon was as long as the history of Erudia,” said Dark Emperor.

Back in Oakland City, Celia was using a rope to drag dozens of pure energy beings.

She wanted to give them to The Cardinal Hall for research purposes.

Although they were weak in front of her, they were still useful to Erudia.

Immediately, the people from The Cardinal Hall came out to greet her, and every one of them was wiping the cold sweat on their foreheads.

She’s so hot-tempered and settles the situation so swiftly. As expected, she’s decisive and vigorous!

Before handing the pure energy beings out, she looked at the people in front of her with disdain. “You weaklings. Even if I hand Evie over to you, you won’t be able to take her away.”


All of them were startled, but they quickly understood the meaning of her words.

It was simple.

She meant that Forlevia was so strong that even if she handed her over, they would not be able to take her away.

Hearing that, everyone could not help but gasp.

Can a brat be this strong?

After giving it some thought, it made sense since she was extremely gifted, not to mention that she had the guidance of a few elders.

Meanwhile, various forces paled after witnessing the strength of Celia.

It could be said that she created a new era with her slap.

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