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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2101

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2101

What If He Is Still Alive

Shaun and the others laughed aloud when they saw the negotiator there.

They couldn’t believe that there would come a day when the most martial arts organization in Erudia would bow down to them and ask to negotiate.

There was a time when Shaun’s life was miserable.

He kept getting bullied in North Hampton and had to lower his stance wherever he went.

Things only became worse after he got exiled and lost his citizenship—he couldn’t even return to Erudia.

The table had really turned, and even the most powerful organization in Erudia wanted to negotiate.

That sudden and intense change flattered them.

It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that Shaun and his family were controlling a region each.

That was the power that Bruce granted them, and he promised that he could make them even stronger!

“Negotiate? What is there to talk about?” sneered Shaun.

He was firm at that moment.

“Well, let’s lay everything on the table. Every one of you used to be an Erudian. Won’t it be great if you can contribute to your home country now that you have learned all these incredible skills?

“Besides, you don’t have any enemies here in Erudia, right? Why are you killing our citizens for no reason?”

The negotiator was trying to solve the issue peacefully.

“What do you mean we have no enemies? Remember how all of you treated us when we were deported? The country even put a restraining order in place to ban us from coming back! As such, all Erudians are our enemy!” scoffed Shaun and the others.

“Why the fck are we negotiating with these asshles? Do you not know what you did? There’s a reason my master put the restraining order in place, and that was to stop idiots like you lot from entering the country!”

One of Levi’s many disciples scolded.

They were chosen to participate in the negotiation, but they were unhappy about it. If they could, they would chase Shaun and the others out of the country right away.

“Hahaha, the restraining order? You did everything to prevent us from entering, but here we are.

“That proves that the restraining order is only applicable to the weaklings. It is not effective against us, and it can’t do sh*t to us. It won’t matter how many guards you have patrolling the borders because it won’t work! And now that you are defeated, you are crawling to us to negotiate. Hah, this is so ridiculous.”

No one could refute Shaun’s words or do anything about how arrogant he was behaving.

The truth was that Erudia couldn’t stop those monsters.

Even dealing with one of them would exhaust the country’s resources, so managing the entire group was almost impossible.

They had become a tremendous threat.

That was why the Dragonites and The Cardinal Hall were trying to negotiate.

“Oh yeah, Levi Garrison is the one who put the restraining order in place, right? We’ve broken the rule, so where is he now? Get him to chase us out of the country and kill us then!”

Shaun laughed aloud.

His family chimed in and insulted, “Awh, he won’t be able to come anymore because he is dead. His enemy hated him so much that they even melted his body. “


Shaun and the others laughed like maniacs.

Their waves of laughter were cruelly stinging Floyd and the others.

The latter clenched their fists and wanted to go all out to try to kill Shaun and his family.

However, Floyd and his team knew that they weren’t strong enough.

Heck, they couldn’t even defeat Henry when he came alone.

“You lot are his disciples, right? Now that Levi is dead, you should carry out his restraining order. Come on. Come chase us out and kill us!” taunted Shaun deliberately.

Floyd and the others were so angry that they were about to lose it.

They wanted to attack even if it meant their deaths.

The other negotiators, however, were quick to stop them. One negotiator reminded, “No! You must ignore every word he says now. Attacking won’t benefit anyone at all. You’ll just end up dying for no reason, and this might even exacerbate a bad situation.”

Floyd and the others had to hold it in for everybody else’s sake.

The only person they blamed was themselves.

If only I were stronger. If I were strong enough, I can stop these j*rks and chase them away!

“I guess that means that Levi’s disciples are all useless and only serve to embarrass the guy,” said Shaun with a smile before he added, “You guys are here to negotiate, right? Then, let’s start with having Levi’s disciples go on their knees and bow to us. Also, cancel the restraining order that Levi placed!”

Shaun’s family sneered and pointed out, “That’s right. Levi is already dead, so he can no longer enforce his restraining order. What’s the point of keeping it, then?”

“Just you wait! My master might still be alive.”

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