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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2097

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2097

You Are His Master

The guy grinned and replied, “Yeah, they call me the Fiery Demon.”

That’s right.

The person who rescued Emma in a nick of time was none other than Cyrus.

He had been eager to serve Levi ever since he saw the seal on him.

First, he let Levi go, and then he went to rescue Levi’s mother.

Cyrus even rescued the woman from his own partner.

If Bruce were to learn about everything Cyrus had done, it was likely that the former would get so angry that he would die of high blood pressure.

After Cyrus shared his reasons with Bruce, the latter trusted the former completely and allowed the former to cooperate with the Lab of Gods for free.

Even after everything that had happened, Bruce still wouldn’t think that Cyrus was the traitor.

Who would’ve thought that the guy would betray everyone after seeing the seal?

Heck, he even went against his words twice in a row.

“You’re the Fiery Demon?”

It was obvious that Emma knew all about who the Fiery Demon was.

The Dark Sun once spread fake news about Levi being the Fiery Demon’s heir to drive a wedge between Levi and his comrade. That made Levi the target of countless assassins, and that was why Emma remembered that name well.

I can’t believe that the Fiery Demon is the one who came to my rescue.

“Are you my son’s master?” asked Emma curiously.


The Fiery Demon sighed.

Me? As Levi Garrison’s master? I am not powerful enough, nor I am worthy of that. Heck, I might not even be worthy of being his servant!

“Please rest here for now. It’d be dangerous if you leave the place,” informed Cyrus as he helped Emma settle down.

The truth was that there was no need to worry about Emma’s safety at all.

Cyrus could just share the news about how Emma was the mother of the person who owned the seal.

That would prompt every member of the Ancient Clans to run over and protect her.


The first thing the Robbed Slayer did after the fight was to go to Azure Dragon and the others.

He asked if they were the one who rescued Emma.

“No, that wasn’t our doing.”

“We aren’t strong enough!”

Everyone was stunned.

“Who do you think the mysterious guy is?”

The Robbed Slayer was basically asking Azure Dragon and the others to analyze the situation.

It’s possible that the mysterious man is someone none of us know.

“I don’t know. I can’t think of anyone except the boss himself, but he is still in solitary training…”

Everyone shook their heads.

“Should we report this matter to the boss? It’s his mother, after all, so it is a grave matter,” said Phoenix.

The Robbed Slayer shook his head and replied, “There’s no need for that. Just let Mr. Garrison train in peace. The mysterious man jumped through so many hoops to rescue Emma, so I am sure she is fine. Besides, I will go look for her.”

“That’s true. If he can rescue Emma, then he probably has what it takes to keep her safe as well.”

Everything Henry did in Erudia was no more than a tv show for the council members of the Lab of Gods.

They would clap and compliment if the show was good, but they wouldn’t care if the show wasn’t good.

At that moment, their main concern was how the Ancient Clan was stirring.

Bruce’s superior, the guy who enjoyed playing with his poker cards, and a few other members gathered around once more.

“We’ve contacted an Ancient Clan in Baykeep, but they rejected our offer when we tried to extend a helping hand.”

“Same here. We got in touch with an Ancient Clan in Adrune, but they shunned us.

“Fortunately, we managed to learn something from that trip. The Ancient Clans are stirring because they saw some sort of totem and are looking for a person! We can’t learn anything else, though. These people are real tight-lipped and refuse to let anyone join them. They even threatened to kill us if we try to do so.”

Bruce’s superior sighed and commented, “Let’s just pray that this will all work out in our favor.”

On the other side, Henry had searched the entire place, but he still couldn’t find Emma.

That infuriated Henry and made him kill every person he came across.

Bruce allowed him to do so.

The former’s objective had always been to get Henry to cause mayhem in Erudia, anyway.

“You insolent fool! How dare you cause so much destruction in Erudia?” growled someone.

The fighters from The Cardinal Hall finally showed up, and they were after Henry.

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