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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2095

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2095

Who Else Would Come To Your Rescue

Erudia was in dead silence the second the Robbed Slayer fell.

“What kind of a monster is that?”

“He defeated the Robbed Slayer? Is there anyone out there who is a match against him?”

Bruce was delighted.

Seeing how Henry had defeated the Robbed Slayer made Bruce feel immensely proud.

The Robbed Slayer was worshipped as a deity after that one battle where he annihilated The Dark Sun.

That made him an extremely important figure in Erudia… maybe even in the entire world.

Hence, defeating the Robbed Slayer was basically equivalent to destroying the holiest part of everybody’s heart.

The council members of the Lab of Gods called right away to praise Bruce.

They also promoted him and gave him more power.

That got Bruce even more excited.

He was tempted to create more pure energy beings and send them over to Erudia.

At that moment, he was already picturing how the Lopez and Black families would all be converted into pure energy beings.

They will wreak havoc in all of Erudia…

“Keep pushing. Threaten Levi Garrison’s mother and force The Cardinal Hall to attack!” instructed Bruce to Henry.

On the field.

Henry had his leg on the Robbed Slayer’s neck as he threatened, “All I need to do is push, and he’ll drop dead! I’d like to see who else would come to rescue Levi Garrison’s mother.”

Thousands of people had heard the news and rushed over. Most of them used to serve under Levi or had received his help in the past.

Hence, everyone was ready to die for Emma.

However, seeing the powerful Robbed Slayer’s defeat…

That got everyone to become quiet.

How are we supposed to fight this creature? We might have more people on our side, but there is no way we can protect her.

Henry was simply too strong.

Various organizations had been observing and analyzing Henry.

In a matter of hours, the guy had already been flagged and ranked as a highly dangerous individual.

The problem was that even at that moment, no one knew how Henry suddenly became that strong.

The council members in Dragonites sent a request to The Cardinal Hall and asked them to help stop Henry.

If Henry continues walking down this path, he will create a disaster.

The Cardinal Hall agreed to help out and was making the necessary arrangements.

Help would be there, but they needed some time.

That was understandable since The Cardinal Hall’s experts were usually in solitary training.

Some would be in solitude for decades or even up to a century before they show themselves. Even members of The Cardinal Hall might not have met any of them.

They were very much like the Eragon and would only reveal themselves when Erudia was in grave danger.

That’s right. Henry might be strong, but things hadn’t progress to the extent where Erudia was in grave danger.

By right, neither Eragon nor the Cardinal Hall would show up just to save one person, but Levi had contributed too much to the country. Hence, they made an exception for his mother.

Sending their men over was the best they could do at that moment.

“The Cardinal Hall is going to send their experts over, but it will take them some time to do that. We must hold Henry back until then.”

“Then we must join forces!”

Wynona had since regained some of her strength, so she was leading everyone.

Emma, on the other hand, was trying to convince them to just sacrifice her.

However, was anyone really there to protect Emma?

Perhaps they were there to protect their family and their country…

Emma had since turned into a symbol of hope and family for the country, so they would let anyone else fall but her.

“Do you really think you can stop me?” scoffed Henry.

Wynona joined forces with the others, and they began circling around Henry.

The Robbed Slayer managed to free himself and joined in the fight as well.

It was undeniable that everyone worked better when a leader was there to guide them.

At the very least, they were able to do the most damage and made it so that it was difficult for Henry to crush them.

The downside was that Henry was simply too strong.

Everyone was united and played to their strengths to maximize the impact on Henry.

The truth was that their combined attack still couldn’t hurt Henry, but they could buy some time for The Cardinal Hall to send their expert over.

Their efforts might seem meager, but it was effective.

They actually managed to hold Henry off for a while.

Unfortunately, Henry’s attack became more aggressive after he figured out what they were trying to do.

At first, they thought that they could buy the Cardinal Hall thirty minutes, but Henry had since sped up and became more aggressive.

Ten minutes…

It only took Henry ten minutes to kick Wynona, the Robbed Slayer, and all other fighting experts out of the way.

There were several thousand fighters there, but none could even stand.

In fact, Wynona and the others didn’t even have the strength to crawl.

Emma was the only one left there.

In a matter of seconds, Henry zipped to Emma and threatened, “Now, let’s see if there is anyone around to rescue you.”

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