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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2094

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2094

Wynona And The Robed Slayer Failed

“Are you sure? Things are not set in stone though,” replied Wynona before she attacked immediately after.

Wynona was ridiculously strong at that moment.

She was able to draw out her strength with extreme ease and precision at the time.

Boom! Bang! Crash!

It seemed that Henry had finally met his match.

He couldn’t kill Wynona easily and within seconds unlike he did with everyone else.

For a moment there, Wynona had him stuck in one place.

She landed punch after punch on Henry, but his distorted and injured body healed itself immediately after.

Hence, he remained unaffected.

The speed at which he healed himself was different from the way everyone else healed themselves.

He was a pure energy being, so he no longer had a physical body to begin with.

In a way, he was just energized atoms.

Wynona’s attacks were as aggressive as the most terrifying tsunami and the scariest tornado.

However, she still couldn’t hurt Henry.

He was unstoppable!

Henry had shown just how terrifying pure energy beings could be.

It didn’t matter how powerful or skilled Wynona was. She simply couldn’t hurt him.

Henry stood there and let Wynona hit him but even then, he remained unscathed.

“My turn now.”

As two previous pure energy beings had limited power, the experiments done on Henry’s body were improved.

That was why Henry’s power was horrifying.


Henry threw a punch mercilessly.


Wynona was hit so hard that she flew backwards.

It seemed that she was no match against Henry, after all.

Still, she got up and continued fighting.

The downside was that Henry was too strong, and Wynona flew backward once more.

That battle shook the entire Erudia to its core.

Even Garrison Industry received the news. Naturally, that meant that Azure Dragon and the others learned about it as well.

“We should report this to our boss, but we don’t even know where he is now! Maybe we should just go rescue everyone on our own.”

Azure Dragon and the others were about to leave when the Robed Slayer showed up to stop them.

“Everyone here has an even more important mission on hand, so you can’t risk exposing yourselves. No one is paying attention to you now, but once you reveal yourselves, Mr. Garrison’s plan will become even more difficult to implement. You guys stay. I’ll go and deal with the matter instead,” suggested the Robed Slayer.

After saying his piece, the Robed Slayer left.

Henry didn’t want to continue wasting his time with Wynona, so he knocked her out and chased after Emma.

By then, Mia had already taken Emma far away, but Henry still managed to catch up to them.

“You can never run away from me!” declared Henry evilly.

The Dragonites and The Cardinal Hall sent their experts over right away to defeat Henry, but they were not a match against him.

Every single one of them fell.

Mia and her people were even less capable, so they definitely couldn’t stop Henry.

Only Wynona was stronger and could at least hold him off for a while.

“Forget about it. Just let him kill me. All I ask, Henry Lopez, is that you let everyone else go.”

Emma didn’t want anyone else to sacrifice their lives for her.

“That will never happen, for I am here!” announced someone in an icy tone.

The Robed Slayer had arrived.

The Cardinal Hall was about to get out the big guns, but they paused when they saw the guy there.

With this dude around, it is likely that Henry Lopez won’t be able to further disrupt the peace.

All of Erudia was paying attention to that fight.

Naturally, Bruce and the others had been monitoring the situation closely as well.

The Robed Slayer was worshipped in Raysonia as a deity, and many looked up to him.

Him showing up made everyone else felt safer.

It seemed that everything could be solved with him around.

Even Emma, Mia, and the others thought so.

The Robed Slayer is here, so Henry will surely fail now.

The moment the Robbed Slayer showed up, Bruce ordered Henry, “Kill him!”


A battle ensued.

The Robbed Slayer didn’t hold back and gave the battle everything he had.

He went all out.

After Levi gave the Robed Slayer some pointers, the latter’s strength grew to a whole new level.

Hence, everyone was looking at the incredibly powerful Robbed Slayer at the time.

Unfortunately, Henry was still stronger.

He was indestructible and unkillable, so it didn’t matter how terrifying the Robbed Slayer was. The latter simply couldn’t kill the former.

In fact, the Robbed Slayer couldn’t even injure Henry.

That was just how scary and how powerful pure energy beings were!

After the initial assessment, Henry started retaliating.

As time passed, the Robbed Slayer began backing away.

The battle ended with the Robbed Slayer’s utter defeat where he couldn’t even get back up anymore.

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