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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2088

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2088

Chain Reaction

Bruce was rather pleased to see how things were going smoothly for Henry.

They had endured so many disappointments, but finally, they had something to be proud of.

Jared’s plan was to turn himself into a godly being that was above all humanity.

He wanted to have the power to take out his opponents with just his mind!

Bruce’s invention, on the other hand, could turn a person into an invincible being with unique qualities. It also gave the person incredible strength, but that was all it could do.

Finally, they had made some progress with Henry.

There was still a long way to go before they were a match against Jared’s invention, but at least they made some progress.

“Do the tests now!”

Bruce had his people run some tests to see how strong Henry was as a fighter.

The former was ever so delighted with the results.

Henry was so strong that he was terrifying.

Bruce reported to his superior immediately after the tests were done.

He was praised for the result.

“Not bad. Keep it up.”

Two short sentences were all it took to get Bruce excited.

That means I can continue my research and have infinite resources to achieve the level of power that Jared has!

Bruce had the Lab of Gods’ support and the superparticle similar to the one Jared discovered.

Hence, he was confident that he could replicate what Jared had done.

Bruce didn’t keep Henry under control after the former had run through all the tests.

All Bruce needed was to control Henry at the crucial moments, so Henry was free most of the time.

“You will return to Erudia now. Your mission is…”

It was strange, but Bruce was actually getting Henry to return to Erudia.

“You family will also return to Erudia once we finish running tests on them.”

The month seemed peaceful and uneventful, but invisible winds of change had actually been howling in every corner of the world.

That was especially for those working for the Ancient Clan.

They were searching for one person like they had gone crazy.

Erudia was the country that was affected the most.

The Cardinal Hall and Eragon had detected that the Ancient Clans they had all feared was starting to stir and wake up.

Even with everything that had happened in the modern world, the Ancient Clans remained unaffected and powerful.

That proved just how scary the forces in play were.

They managed to get even the Cardinal Hall sweating bullets.

The reason behind that fear was simple.

Some of those powerful figures had been around as long as the Cardinal Hall had, and they might even be just as historic as the Eragon.

Hence, even the Cardinal Hall was wary of them.

In a way, these powerful figures had been so idle that many had forgotten about their existence.

Many in the Cardinal Hall assumed that those figures never existed, and their stories were on the brink of fading away completely.

Yet, the signs of their awakening were showing themselves.

It seemed that the Ancient Clan had secretly sent its people out of hiding. Perhaps they were searching for something? Or someone?

The Cardinal Hall was on edge.

They sent their own people out to investigate the matter because the same thing had been happening all around the world.

Signs of the Ancient Clan’s emergence were everywhere.

It feels like they are looking for something…

Those phenomena baffled various organizations in many countries

Even Zarain’s Shield had sensed that something was off, and they were confused as well.

What could it be that got the Ancient Clan on every corner of the world to stir like that?

The seal that Levi dropped the other day!

Cyrus behaved out of norm after he saw that seal.

The photo of the seal and the ancient manual had been shared on the encrypted side of the dark web… No one knew if the two were connected.

The Cardinal Hall was highly secure, so Shield couldn’t gain access to their information.

Only a handful of members of the Ancient Clan could access that.

They wore the same expression Cyrus had on when they saw the image of the seal.

They were utterly shocked!

It was unbelievable!

It was as if they had discovered a new element.

Those expressions showed that they recognized and knew what the seal was.

And that was why the Ancient Clan was stirred and why many were sent out of hiding. They were searching every inch of the world like a maniac, and the person they were looking for was the owner of the seal!

In other words, they were looking for Levi.

Levi, however, was unaware of how he had become the center of everybody’s attention.

He didn’t know that many had gone out of hiding to look for him…

Everything was a massive chain reaction caused by a single seal.

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