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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2087

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2087

The Garrison Industry

Bruce returned to the Lab of Gods with a sour mood.

His superior consoled him, “It’s all right. It’s rather normal that you’re unable to deal with them.”

“Is this the level of the pure energy beings that you have produced?” Bruce could not refute the words of his superior and felt humiliated.

This was the first time the pure energy beings were engaged in a real battle. Unfortunately, they did not show satisfactory results.

“Please don’t worry. The pure energy beings are still in the experimental stage. Following this, I will create a perfect product.”

His superior sneered at him and said, “Suit yourself with your little experiments. Our lab is working on a project that is almost finished. When it’s finished, it’ll be able to subdue all other countries, haha…”

Bruce’s body trembled as he was shocked.

Is my project on pure energy beings just a small experiment in the Lab of Gods? What exactly have they been working on in the lab? Why does he have so much confidence?

His superior looked through Bruce’s thoughts and coldly said, “This is a top-secret project of the lab. Therefore, you are not qualified to participate unless you can solve the current problem with the sunstones.”

Bruce felt inspired by his superior words.

He swore that he would make it to the core of the Lab of Gods.

Originally, he intended to entice Henry and the others to participate in an experiment.

But it had to be stopped now to continue researching ways to improve.

At that moment, Levi had already met up with Kirin.

“Finally, I am not disappointed.” Levi smiled.

I’ve brought men to war in the past, and we have done this many times. So, I can say that we feel normal doing this kind of stuff. But our enemy has changed, and they now have various kinds of methods at their disposal. Everyone, however, has held on and passed through it.

Levi stroked his chin and said, “We can’t go on like this. How long do we want to remain hidden?”

“Then, what should we do?” someone asked.

Kirin and Phoenix said at the same time, “We use the sunstones.”

Levi nodded and said, “That’s right. We can use it since it is an energy material.”

“They have the Lab of Gods. I think I should have a lab of my own.” This was Levi’s plan.

He wanted to collect any resources available to him and make a lab that could go against the Lab of Gods.

His thought was the same as Wynona’s Divine Dragon Experiment at the Gamma Tech training base a long time ago.

Let’s do it!

Even if Levi was hiding in the shadows, he could still easily construct a lab.

He could arrange for everything he needed, such as money, resources, and technical staff.

First, he made arrangements for the energy materials and resources.

As for the technical staff, he needed to find them across the land of Erudia.

Then, he planned to cooperate with other significant technology enterprises such as the Wilcox family and many more.

The most important thing now was to find a spokesman for his lab.

Levi had already thought of the most suitable candidate to do the job, and it was the Robed Slayer.

After that, there was a period of peach and silence.

While Levi was planning to construct the lab, he was also thinking about ways to deal with the pure energy beings.

Soon, the lab’s construction was about to be completed.

He had received help from the Wilcox family and the Hilton family from Goldenport Island.

Aside from that, Robed Slayer helped to get many other parties in Erudia to get involved in the lab’s construction secretly.

They were all committed to the research of modern weapons, science and technology.

Finally, it was named the Garrison Industry.

No one would notice it in the early stages because it was just getting started. Then, it could grow quietly in the shadows.

When the Lab of Gods became aware of it, it was expected that the Garrison Industry had already grown to a significant scale.

The first major project for the Garrison Industry was to figure out how to use sunstones as an energy source.

Under the research of many research and development staffs, the sunstones were successfully converted into energy.

The result of the converted energy was really terrifying.

When compared to other energy materials, the sunstones were far more powerful.

It could significantly improve efficiency and increase the speed of research.

The Garrison Industry had already put the sunstones to use in a month.

While the Garrison Industry was frantically doing research, Bruce worked on his pure energy beings project.

He had already gotten some significant results from it.

Now, Bruce was more concerned with the quality than the quantity.

Today’s experiment subject was Henry, and he succeeded.

When he became a pure energy being, immense pressure started to spread to the whole lab…

It was as if God had appeared.

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