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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2083

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2083

The Real Cyrus

All hell broke loose. Levi showed no mercy and started taking the people around him down!

Except for the Double S grade fighters from the Lab of Gods, Levi basically vanquished all his enemies with just one punch!

Flesh and blood splattered all around, and some bodies were blown off far away.

In a snap of the finger, Levi had crushed about a hundred enemies.

Of course, dealing with more powerful fighters would not be that easy.

Cyrus and the two pure energy beings were the most powerful Lab of Gods’ fighters, who took orders from Bruce.

In short, Bruce had the authority to mobilize Quadruple S-rank fighters, twenty-three Triple S-rank fighters, and countless Quadruple S-rank fighters, not forgetting weapons like God Scepter!

As a brainchild of the Lab of Gods, Triple Group had many bases all over Keerea and around its neighboring countries.

These bases could easily transmit signals through satellites and activate superweapons as they were all on standby.

With all the fighters and weapons at his command, Bruce was confident he had checkmated Levi.

As for Sammy, he would hand her over to Triple Group and let them decide her fate.

Without a doubt, the thirteen people from the Devil Genesis Project were all powerful fighters.

While escorting Sammy to a safe place, they slaughtered the enemies and left a bloody trail behind.

No matter how hard Sammy shrieked and struggled, they continued walking and were not concerned with Levi’s situation at all.

Despite knowing that Sammy had escaped, Bruce remained chill. He was fixated on getting rid of Levi.

It’s okay. We’ll just have to deal with Sammy later.

He raised his voice and said sarcastically, “Did you see that, Levi? Your partner has escaped without you!”

Upon hearing that, he turned around and realized Sammy had left.

Damn it!

The incessant attacks by all five Quadruple S-rank fighters had taken a toll on his stamina. Levi did not expect them to be as destructive as the two pure energy beings.

The two undying pure energy beings, too, joined in the fray and struck Levi from time to time, not forgetting the hundreds and thousands of fighters around.

Cyrus, who had been wandering around the battlefield, was also waiting for a golden opportunity to deliver a fatal blow to Levi.

A corner of Bruce’s lips quirked up upon seeing how helpless Levi was.

He recalled his last encounter with Levi. At that time, he was still not in a position to deploy fighters, as he was merely a low-ranked member of the Lab of Gods.

If Levi were here today, I would have finished him off easily.

Little did he know, he was actually fighting against Levi.

After a hard-fought battle, all the buildings were razed to the ground, and hundreds and thousands of fighters were seen lying all over the place.

The only person left standing was Levi, who survived the battle unharmed.

Who on earth is this man? How could he be so powerful?

Bruce and his men were utterly stunned by the results.

What they thought would be an easy win ended up in a defeat. They might even pay the heftier price in the future!

By now, Cyrus had ruled out the possibility that the man was Death Fiend.

He had personally trained Death Fiend, and he knew it was impossible for Death Fiend to advance to this level no matter how hard he trained in the Sacred Organization.

We know he’s from the Sacred Organization, but who is he? Could he be the Dark Emperor?

No! It’s impossible! Dark Emperor would have killed everyone if he were here!

“Who are you? I know you’re from the Scared Organization!” Cyrus snapped.

Sacred Organization!

What Cyrus said had jogged his memory.

Scared Organization must be the culprit who took Zoey away!

The four men who got in my way must be members of the Eighteen Dark Angels.

They must have mistaken me for Death Fiend since Cyrus and I used similar combat techniques that came from the same origin.

All of a sudden, Cyrus bellowed and let out a low grunt. It was as if he had turned into a demon.

Apparently, he did not give his all during the battle earlier, as he did not want Bruce and his men to witness his capability.

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