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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2081

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2081

Cyrus Is Injured

There’s only one organization that can recognize me that easily!

As Cyrus thought about it, he was more confident with his assumptions.

Death Fiend was definitely the one who impersonated Levi earlier. Moreover, Sacred Organization is the force that goes against Lab of Gods.

However, Cyrus was unsure whether the man standing in front of him was Death Fiend.

For some reason, he felt that the man in front of him was way stronger than Death Fiend.

But then, he did not know how much Death Fiend’s capability in Sacred Organization had improved over the past few years.

Meanwhile, Levi realized who was helping Lab of Gods.

It turns out that Cyrus is doing something in the back!

Before that, Phoenix had sensed the presence of a mysterious and powerful organization numerous times. He believed that the organization was trying to create obstacles to stop them.

It seemed like they were using The Dark Sun.

“Come!” Levi started the battle without hesitation.


Levi threw a forceful punch.

That was the most basic attack taught by his master. Moreover, it was also a technique used by Cyrus.

In fact, it was not hard to use that technique. The punch was the simplest form derived from all the complicated moves.

However, although they were easy to learn, those techniques required the fastest speed and strongest strength one could possess.

Therefore, the impacts of those attacks were brutal and earth-shattering.

With that, Cyrus also became the strongest fighter over the previous decade. After all, he was good at imitating Levi’s technique.

“T-This…” Cyrus’ expression changed drastically upon seeing Levi’s attack.

Isn’t he using the same technique as me? Could it be that he’s Levi? Wait a minute.

He could be Death Fiend too. Moreover, he might also reveal everything to the rest from Sacred Organization. If that’s the case, everyone else will know how to use that technique.

“Attack!” Cyrus roared as he threw a similar punch.

Sammy was dumbfounded.

She had been researching eastern martial art techniques and western magical techniques. Hence, she was naturally sensitive to such things.

She was utterly shocked upon seeing that Levi was using the same techniques as Cyrus.


Cyrus’ and Levi’s fists collided and created a loud explosion.

All of a sudden, the ground cracked, and the earth shattered.

Then, the seawater began to shake vigorously, creating waves a few hundred meters tall.

Levi was shocked.

Cyrus’ too strong!

Then, both of them backed away in the next second.

A strange look appeared on Cyrus’ face.

It turned out that Levi had incorporated six Annihilation Blast in his punch.


Immediately, Cyrus sensed that something was off.

Although Annihilation Blast was not effective on the pure energy beings, it was a deadly blow toward the others.

A glint of bloodthirst flashed across Cyrus’ eyes.

Then, he used his technique to allocate Levi’s attacks to his left shoulder.

Boom! Boom!

Cyrus’ shoulder exploded after a loud noise. His flesh and blood splattered all around.

However, he managed to take control of Levi’s Annihilation Blast.

Levi was shocked to see that.

He could not believe that Cyrus could shift all of the force of Annihilation Blast to one part of his body.

It turned out that Cyrus had chosen to sacrifice his left shoulder to keep his life.

Levi used to think of the possible ways to cope with Annihilation Blast.

However, he could not find any way to resolve that attack.

Cyrus was the first to demonstrate that.

That decision of his clearly showed that he was a ruthless man. After all, he would rather pay such a great price to protect himself.

Initially, Levi planned to escape with Sammy after Annihilation Blast.

Unexpectedly, Cyrus resolved his attack and stopped him from running away.

He continued to stand still in front of Levi like an unmoved God.

Damn it! Levi and Sammy exchanged a look.

The next second, Bruce and the armies from Lab of Gods arrived and surrounded the beach.

With that, Levi and Sammy could no longer escape. They could only kill to fight their way out.

“Do you think you can get yourself out of here?” Bruce laughed.

Cyrus waved his hand. “Leave him to me!”

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