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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2073

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2073

Trump Card Of Bruce

It was then Bruce dispatched the pure energy beings he brought along to go after Levi. He had control over their minds. Thus, they would never defy his instructions.

He had long conducted all sorts of experiments just to get himself ready for battles with pure energy beings since he knew it would be inevitable in the future.

The demise of Jared had enabled him to get his hands on the things it would take to get rid of pure energy beings.

He spent a long time trying to sort out the potential crisis awaiting him because it was a mission impossible for him to recreate the said experiment due to the lack of superparticles.

The thought of pure energy beings turning their backs against him crossed his mind as well the moment he thought of creating them.

In the end, his superior, one of the high-rank officials of Lab of Gods, instructed him to conduct the experiments since they possessed the techniques to take out pure energy beings.

With that being said, his superior refused to reveal the secrets to take out pure energy beings to them since it was supposed to be confidential information.

Bruce was utterly intimidated when he figured out he wasn’t even considered the core member of Lab of Gods.

On top of that, he had a hard time fathoming the actual capabilities of Lab of Gods since the high-rank officials possessed the capability to take out pure energy beings.

He knew he had to work hard and qualify himself as a high-rank official in order to figure out the secrets and the visions of the organization.

In short, Bruce’s superior was the reason he had conducted a series of seemingly insane experiments.

Things were no longer the same ever since Bruce dispatched pure energy beings to go after Kirin and his party.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything else he could do to get his hands on their whereabouts since they had long fled the scene and disappeared into thin air.

In spite of deploying a majority of his forces to locate the fleeing bunch, his effort was to no avail.

Although Levi had been distracting those going after Kirin on their behalf, he knew he had to leave the rest to his comrades.

He continued fleeing with Sammy and made their way to the central business district of Stellar City through Sammy’s guide.

She was aware of the best escape route since she was a local. Out of nowhere, she mentioned, “I’m afraid we’re in quite a huge trouble. One of my aides told me Bruce had dispatched a majority of his men to stop anyone from leaving Keerea without his consent! He has also dispatched beings on par with the power of God Scepter to take you out as well! If I’m not mistaken, they’re the trump cards he has been hiding up his sleeves!”

She was aware Bruce had many trump cards, but she knew nothing about the beings on par with God Scepter.

Levi knew Bruce was serious since he had never revealed his trump card throughout their countless encounters in the past.

He asked, “What sort of beings are we talking about?”

“I’m not sure as well—my aides can’t get their hands on the things he has with him! With that being said, I sincerely hope we won’t run into those!”

Sammy brought Levi to one of her safe houses in Stellar City. Only a few aides of hers were aware of the safe house.

She gasped out her question and continued perspiring, “We can’t stay here for long since they’re going to reach us soon. Have you thought of the way to get us out of here?”

On the contrary, Levi couldn’t be bothered and started touring the safe house of Sammy as if he had no intention to escape with her.

It turned out he had no intention to flee since he couldn’t wait to figure out the sort of trump card Bruce brought along with him.

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