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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2072

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2072

The Plan Of Levi

Levi couldn’t leave because Bruce would dispatch the forces within his disposal to go after Kirin and his people once he fled the scene.

If that happened, he might end up losing the fight. Thus, he had to stay behind to keep Bruce occupied and distracted for as long as possible.

He continued strangling Sammy and remarked with a vicious smirk, “Bruce, are you a sloth or something? What’s taking you so long?”


Bruce was taken aback since no one had ever addressed him with his first name. On top of that, he thought the mysterious figure sounded like Levi a lot.

Irked, Bruce asked in return, “Who are you? Why are you trying to imitate Levi?”

Levi burst out laughing and queried, “What you do mean I’m imitating when I’m Levi?”

Glaring at Levi in the eyes, Bruce remarked, “Do you really think you can deceive me? I’m about to figure out the forces you’re affiliated with! Just wait until I take you into custody and expose you in front of others! I want everyone to get ready and take him out!”

Sammy’s subordinates were afraid Bruce would resort to everything and anything, including sacrificing Sammy, for his goals.

When Sammy’s subordinates heard him, they gasped out their requests, “Mr. Johnston, no! If we try anything rash, he’s going to take her to hell with him!”

As much as they tried begging Bruce to show Sammy some mercy, the man instructed in a callous tone, “Take him out! I don’t care if she’s the leader of the security team! I’ll make the same call even if the successor of Triple Group were here!”

Truth be told, he couldn’t be bothered by the wellbeing of those affiliated with Triple Group, including the rightful successor of the conglomerate, since he deemed them inferior to him.

She might be highly regarded by those affiliated with Triple Group, but she’s just another nobody for me! I won’t allow him to threaten me when she has nothing to do with me!

Bruce repeated his instruction, “Take her out even if it comes at the cost of her life!”

The ones Triple Group had gathered around knew they couldn’t afford to defy Bruce’s instructions. Thus, they got themselves geared up for the upcoming showdown.

On the other hand, Sammy was shocked when she found out Bruce couldn’t care less about her life.

Guffawing, Levi remarked in a sarcastic manner, “Hahahaha! See? You’re putting your life in danger for him, but he doesn’t even hesitate when your life is truly at stake!”

Sammy’s face scrunched up the moment Levi announced at the top of his lungs, “Thankfully, you have long sworn loyalty to me! Otherwise, you’re going to end up dead for real soon!”

Levi’s statement took everyone, including Sammy, by surprise since he made it sound as if it was the truth.

Indeed, it seems too much to be mere coincidences! Why has she been taken into custody without putting on much of a fight?

We’re all aware she can easily control others if she wishes! There’s no way she can’t control him when it’s just a piece of cake for her to assert dominance over Genesis Devils!

In short, she must have played along with him and allowed those in the hideout to leave with the sunstones since she has long turned her back against us!

She’s also the person in charge of the operation! I can’t think of anything else to prove her innocent since those inside the warehouse had fled when we were the ones with the upper hand!

Bruce has made himself clear that he wanted them to keep the sunstones safe at all costs! In short, she’s supposed to sacrifice herself for a greater cause! However, she did the opposite and allowed them to flee the scene!

Levi knew it was time to deliver the final blow to take Sammy away with him in an attempt to execute the plan he had in mind.

He added with a smile, “Do you really think that I’d leave the sunstones here without the supervision of our people? What do you think I am? A fool?”

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