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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2070

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2070

Taking Out The Person In Charge

Levi wasn’t afraid to announce his identity since others would consider it a bluff. After all, Death Fiend did something similar when others thought Levi had long passed on.

They thought he wouldn’t show up in front of others if he were in his right mind. Therefore, others would think the ones proclaiming themselves as Levi were just his doppelgangers.

On top of that, others could easily disguise their look to mislead others. Therefore, it wasn’t even much of a challenge for others to imitate the most sought-after man.

It merely took Levi a short while to find out Sammy was the one leading the rest at the scene. Thus, he thought of taking her into custody to keep the rest at bay.

Without a second thought, he dashed in her direction and took the rest by surprise. He was so swift to the extent others weren’t even aware of the things going on until he reached Sammy’s side.

As someone with superpowers, Sammy was never a defenseless woman. She was blessed with the talents of reigning over others.

In short, her talents were the sole reason she had control over Genesis Devils. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even take her instructions seriously since they were superior to her in terms of combat skills.

With that being said, she wasn’t a match against Levi and couldn’t even defend herself from him once he rendered her incapable of motion in a few taps on her meridian points.

Are you serious?

Sammy’s eyes widened in disbelief since she couldn’t figure out the technique the man had just applied.

It turned out those were none other than ancient techniques from Erudia he learned from the scrolls his mentor left him.

It was slightly different from the conventional techniques since the ones he learned were superior to those conventional ones.

Initially, Levi thought those were nothing more than a means to render others defenseless. However, he soon figured out the techniques could even render those with superpowers incapable by tapping into meridian points to control their source of energy.

Since he wasn’t aware of the woman’s actual capabilities, he thought of playing safe and rendered her defenseless without a second thought.

Once Sammy was taken into custody, the ones around them finally returned to their senses and had their eyes glued to Levi.

“Set her free at once!”

Judging by the response of those around them, Levi was certain he had made the right call as they couldn’t stop themselves from getting worked up.

He announced with a contemptuous look, “All of you need to stay away from me unless you wish to bring upon her demise!”

Sammy’s subordinates beckoned the rest to calm down and instructed, “Stop trying anything rash! Also, you need to be mindful of the things you’re doing! Stop hurting her unless you have a death wish!”

Sneering, he asked in return, “Are you challenging me? Shall I go ahead and give it a try?”

He started applying pressure and strangled Sammy with all his might. Subsequently, her face turned pale within a few seconds.

Unable to catch her breath, she started struggling and shrieked in pain in an attempt to break free from the man.

Those around them were afraid the man would snap her neck soon. Thus, they gave in. “Hold it right there and stop hurting her!”

Sammy’s subordinates knew they couldn’t afford to challenge the man anymore. Subsequently, they promised, “We’ll agree to your terms as long as you return her to us!”

Sammy, who was on the verge of death, gasped out her question, “W-What do you want from me?”

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