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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2060

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2060

Levi was a man with great reputation and influence.

The mention of his name was like a bolt out of the blue, scaring everyone out of their wits and their souls leaving their bodies.

Levi? That familiar yet terrifying name!

Even the Lab of Gods had labeled his existence as the most threatening one.

Everyone was on the verge of breakdown despite being in such a critical instant.

Weirdly, Bruce was so horror-stricken that he soaked in cold sweat and almost lost all form of control over his bowel movement.

He was so affected that his mind went blank.

The others were in similar predicament.

When Zoey heard that name, she suddenly felt like she had gained immense strength despite her pathetic state.

The fear and panic caused to everyone’s mental state at the mention of that name were so devastating it was comparable to that of God Scepter.

No way. That’s impossible. Levi is dead. The entire world saw his body dissolving to the point beyond resurrection. How is it possible that he’s still alive?

Apart from how cautious Bruce was, he was even more sure that Levi was dead since Zoey had come to him to seek revenge.

At the thought of that, Bruce burst out in laughter. “You said you’re Levi?”

What a dumb fool trying to disguise as Levi? Levi Garrison? How is that possible that he’s still alive? I’m sure he’s an imposter making use of Levi’s name just to scare us!

Indeed, it had actually worked for a moment just now.

Everyone was frozen in place when they heard that name, including Bruce.

“Yes, I am!” the person answered while looking down from above.

“Haha! I can’t believe there would be anyone who would pretend to be Levi! He’s left with no remains; he couldn’t be more dead! Look, my friend. Your trick doesn’t work on me! You aren’t Levi!” Bruce laughed boisterously.

That person smiled. “Who told you I’m dead? Can’t you see I’m perfectly fine?”

“Huh?” Bruce was confused upon hearing that, and he instantly sank deep in his thoughts.

Could it be possible that Levi is really still alive?

All sorts of possibilities flashed across his mind within that second.

With his knowledge of the technology the Lab of Gods had, he figured the possibility of Levi being alive was almost zero.

Unless he was more than a normal human being.

But thinking sensibly about it, they reckoned it was unlikely that he was still alive.

“Who exactly are you? You’re not from Erudia. Are you the person who has been going against me recently?” Bruce questioned.

“Just make a guess,” that person sneered.

“I believe you are! Since we’ve met today, I won’t let you leave that easily!” Bruce’s face contorted in anger.


Nonetheless, that man waved goodbye and instantly vanished within the sights of the crowd.

“Huh? He’s gone? Crap. Where is Zoey?” Bruce shouted.

At once, everyone turned to look behind, but Zoey had long disappeared out of sight.

Everyone’s attention was on the appearance of the mysterious man who called himself Levi.

As such, no one was bothered about Zoey.

With how top-notch the skills of the other party were, it was no doubt they had the ability to rescue Zoey.

“I…” Bruce was so livid that he almost cussed.

How tricky of them! I’ve made a fool out of myself this time!

Using Levi’s name was a clever tactic the other party had enlisted as it had successfully diverted their attention.

In the meantime, Zoey was at a deserted land in Xyperia after getting rescued.

As expected, there was more than just one man.

Soon, they met up with that mysterious man from earlier.

Zoey got all excited seeing that person.

“Levi! You’re alive! You’re still alive!”

“I’m not Levi!”

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