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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2054

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2054

Zoey was unstoppable.

None of Bruce’s fighters could stop her at all. Even if they were to join hands to fight her, all it would do was buy time.

They were simply useless against her.

“I want the whole world to know about this battle! It’s the perfect opportunity since we can show just how powerful we are with Zoey here,” the man shouted again.

Meanwhile, at Oakland City.

“Huh? This is bad! Wynona, Zoey’s missing!”

Mia and the rest finally noticed that she was gone.

“Oh no. She must’ve gone to get revenge!” Wynona exclaimed.

The former came to her senses as well. “That’s right. Bruce happened to be at Xyperia too. Zoey must’ve gone to look for him.”

“We gotta hurry to Xyperia, then. Where did she get the guts to fight the Lab of Gods alone?”

“I’ll let The Cardinal Hall know. We can’t let anything happen to Zoey.”

The Cardinal Hall instantly sent their men out the moment they received the news.

For one, Zoey was Levi’s wife.

On the other hand, she was extremely powerful and had great potential. They didn’t want anything to happen to her.

Soon, the news of the battle between Zoey and the Lab of Gods started to spread.

The whole world now knew that she had gone to kill Bruce and destroy the Lab of Gods to get revenge for her husband.

It was also the first time Zoey showed the world her capabilities.

“What? Is Levi’s wife really so powerful?”

“The whole family’s ruthless! Their daughter also possesses unmatched talents.”

“But they’re fighting against the Lab of Gods. If they’re unlucky, they might die in Bruce’s hands.”

The whole world was shocked when they got news of it.

Everyone had their attention on Xyperia’s deserted land to witness the battle.

Someone had even managed to get information on the situation and was updating everyone on the battle.

There was death everywhere.

Fighters who appeared in front of Zoey would drop dead almost instantly.

Almost hundreds of them had already lost their lives.

The number didn’t seem shocking though, since hundreds of thousands of soldiers were involved in the war previously.

However, these fighters were from the Lab of Gods.

Each of them were extremely powerful.

They were incomparable to mere goons.

Each fighter of the Lab of Gods was divided into different grades.

For instance, Bruce was only a C grade fighter. However, with his armor, he would instantly become an S grade.

Bruce had sent out S+ grade fighters to fight Levi previously.

The Annihilator was an example of a Double S grade fighter.

Meanwhile, most of the ones Bruce brought along were at least S- grade fighters, S grade ones taking up one-third of them.

There were ten Double S grade fighters by Bruce’s sides protecting him, and there were a few Triple S grade fighters among them.

That meant that even as a high-rank official, he could only mobilize this many fighters.

Previously, he was only able to mobilize a small number of S and S- grade fighters.

Fighters from each grade were precious treasures.

That was why it was shocking for Zoey to be able to kill so many S- grade fighters.

Before this, no one else besides Levi could accomplish this.

She fought more ferociously as the battle went on, an air of invincibility surrounding her.

More and more fighters started to collapse.

Even those by Bruce’s side couldn’t bear to watch anymore.

“Mr. Johnston, are you going to continue allowing Zoey to kill our fighters? The S grade and even the S+ grade fighters stand no chance against her at all. We’re just sending them to their deaths, aren’t we?” someone asked hurriedly.

“I know this, obviously. The Annihilator, who was a Double S grade couldn’t win against her too. How could these people be her opponents?” Bruce sneered.


The fighters were dumbfounded.

Why wouldn’t he send the strongest fighters if he knew?

Why sacrifice so many fighters?

They were unable to comprehend what Bruce was thinking.

Right then, Peter grinned, “Listen up, what Mr. Johnston meant is simple…”

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