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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2053

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2053

“It’s her?”

The crowd was shocked when they saw the woman’s face.

“Zoey? Levi’s wife?”

Even Bruce was shocked.

She made her way toward them with a menacing look on her face.


Zoey immediately recognized him upon seeing his face.

She could remember clearly the person who had pretended to be a doctor.

“It’s me! You killed my husband, and I’m here to get revenge!” Zoey bellowed every single word at the top of her lungs.

“Huh? What?”

Bruce and the others thought that they had heard her wrong.

She’s here to avenge Levi?

Everyone was shocked.

The man furrowed his brows, but smiled a moment later.

Zoey’s appearance had dispelled a suspicion he had.

The powerful yet mysterious force, and when Jefferson said that Levi was still alive made Bruce wonder if the latter was actually still alive.

The dreadful feeling he had grew stronger as he analyzed the situation.

However, Zoey was here to get revenge now, and all suspicions he had were dispelled.

That’s right.

There’s no way Levi is still alive.

Bruce’s mood became better in an instant.

Not only did he manage to dispel his suspicions, but Zoey’s appearance was a great opportunity for him to show everyone just how powerful the Lab of Gods was.

It was killing two birds with one stone.

As for Zoey’s combat skills, he had actually assessed them himself and knew that she was extremely powerful.

As someone who was able to kill The Annihilator, she was definitely a threat.

However, it was because Zoey was so powerful that he could prove the capabilities of the Lab of Gods.

She had arrived just in time as Bruce was lacking a lab rat.


Without saying or wasting another word, the woman charged at him.

“Stop her!” he commanded, and the fighters around him started to charge at her.


Zoey clashed with a man with superpowers.

Their fists crashed at each other, causing a loud boom at the impact.

The ground shook in an instant.


Right then, the man’s arm burst open, followed by his body.

Zoey’s punch killed him right then and there.

The crowd watching sucked in a deep breath at the sight of this.

Even though the man wasn’t the strongest, he was still modeled after The Annihilator and had about seventy percent of the latter’s powers.

Yet he was killed by Zoey just like that.

“How exciting! But that makes sense,” Bruce shouted as he stepped back.


He was still underestimating the woman.

She shifted into a flash of lightning and appeared in front of him the next second, passing through the large group of fighters.

Zoey then reached out and tried to tear him apart.

Bruce was dumbfounded.

Click! Click!

Fortunately, the mechanical armor he was wearing sensed the emergency and formed a shield before him instantly.


Nonetheless, he was punched and his body flew backward.

The people around snapped back to their senses immediately and rushed over to Zoey.

“Die! All of you! Not only am I going to get revenge for my husband, but I’ll also complete his mission on his behalf. I’m going to destroy the Lab of Gods!” Zoey stared at the crowd as she spoke.



A battle erupted, and Zoey and the fighters of the Lab of Gods fought against each other.

The woman had always been strong, and all The Annihilator could do back then was to escape from her clutches.

Having been in seclusion for some time, she had mastered at least seventy percent of her own powers.

Needless to say, The Cardinal Hall was extremely terrifying.

A specialized master had taught Zoey the ways to control her powers and unleash them from her body.



Zoey was just too terrifying.

The fighters of the Lab of Gods were killed one after another. None of them had the chance to fight back at all.

The amount of collapsed fighters, fighters who vanished to be exact, was increasing over time.

Every time Zoey made her move, they would disappear altogether.

“That’s not good. She’s too powerful! Much more powerful than I had anticipated. Stop her at once!” Bruce shouted.

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