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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2047

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2047

Their cracked armors could not hold for long.

In seconds, they were going to die.

“Save me!”

Bruce hastily pressed the help button.

Thirty seconds later, eight men with superpowers landed in front of Bruce from the sky.

Glowing shields instantly appeared in front of them to stop the sunstones’ energy from reaching them.


Right then, Bruce found himself pulled away by his subordinates.

Even Peter and some others were rescued.

That was one of the rights Bruce had as the core member of the Lab of Gods.

At the time of danger, he could press the help button to receive help.

No one else in the base other than people like him had a button like that.

If Bruce were anyone else, he could only wait for death.

The only reason the rescue had come so quickly was because the team was close.

If they had been far, they might not have made it in time.

When Bruce looked down at the doomsday-like disaster, he saw the flames spreading across the lands.

The explosions could still go on forever, and the mushroom cloud was still rising.

Bruce’s mind was blank, his eyes filled with nothing but despair.

The base is so huge! How can eight islands be wiped out as quickly as this?

That was not all.

There were only around five hundred survivors.

They were either the quick ones or the powerful ones who managed to survive the explosions.

If Bruce did not have the help button, he would have been dead with the rest of them.

All of their resources were gone.

The sunstones that could have powered them for half a year and the sunstones that they had just gotten were all gone.

Although the Lab of Gods had suffered losses in the past, they had been minor incidents.

It was different this time.

The loss was too great.

It was something they could not afford to have.

After all, this base was one of the largest energy supply stations.

It would be equivalent to losing a quarter of the Lab of Gods.

They had never suffered a loss as immense as this.

Everyone in the Lab of Gods was stunned by the explosions.

For a long while, there was only silence.

They thought they had succeeded; they thought they could begin mining for more sunstones after getting them from Erudia.

That batch could have powered them for a hundred years.

Yet, in a blink of an eye, they were gone.

The sunstones were gone, and with it went everything else.

The eight islands were gone, too.

Their base was decimated.

The unexpected turn of events had shaken up everyone, and they could barely believe that the explosions had happened.

In the fire was a pair of eyes that were watching them.

The eyes belonged to Levi.

Once he made sure that everything had been destroyed, he turned and left.

Indeed, everything was done by Levi.

After all, he had said that he would not let them get their hands on any of the sunstones.

Since he could not steal the sunstones away, he destroyed them.

No way am I going to let the Lab of Gods use them.

That was why Levi had never thought of stopping them.

From the very start, he had planned to destroy everything.

While the Lab of Gods was looking for Levi, Levi had been looking for them too.

The Lab of Gods had always been mysterious in many ways. Their headquarters and their core bases were places that could not be easily found.

Levi had been sending his men to search for them, but it was a fruitless search.

They could barely find any clues as to where the headquarters and the core bases were.

Bruce never thought that the transportation of the sunstones had exposed the location of their supple station.

They were too secretive with their locations.

It was really near impossible to find them, let alone come close to their bases.

However, transporting the sunstones had exposed their location.

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