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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2046

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2046




The base, which was made up of eight islands, exploded.

Wave after wave of explosions made the entire place lit up as if it was the day.


The base was one of the energy supply stations of the Lab of Gods, so there were more resources kept there other than the sunstones.

Not only would the energy resources be destroyed in the event of an explosion, but the explosions would also be so major that they would be a threat to the base.

Thus, the explosion earlier had only been the start. The moment one explosion went off, another was soon to follow, every explosion more devastating than the last.


At the start, the explosion was on one island. Soon, it was three.

Then, it was four.


In the end, eight islands and their connecting regions all suffered from explosions.

Even the surrounding sea was affected.

Tidal waves formed from the shockwave of the explosion, and a whirlpool appeared.

“Protect Mr. Johnston! Escort him out of this place!” the crowd shouted.

At that, countless fighters ran over to protect Bruce.

At the same time, the flying vehicles of the Lab of Gods were activated so that the council members and vital employees could leave immediately.

“Stop it! Stop the explosions!”

The first thought Bruce had was not escaping but stopping the disaster.

“We won’t make it in time, Mr. Johnston! This is too sudden for us to react in time! Plenty of our equipment has been destroyed, and the energy is leaking from. This is too massive for us to stop!”

No one could do anything to stop the explosions. The least they could do was minimize the lives lost in the explosions.

“Oh no!” Bruce had abruptly recalled something. “The sunstones! The sunstones are still in there!”

It was then the others recalled about the sunstones, which had yet to be loaded into the system.

The consequences were unimaginable if the explosions reached the sunstones.

“Hurry up and get the—”

Before Bruce could even finish his sentence, he saw the explosions reaching the area where the sunstones were stored.

“We have to leave now!”

Just as Bruce yelled his thought out loud, silence enveloped the area.

All their voices had been overlapped by a singular noise.

The mushroom cloud that rose into the air blocked out the sun.


The sunstones exploded.

The terrifying energy seeped everywhere and destroyed everything it came into contact with.

In a second, all buildings on the island were gone.

All humans on the island disappeared, leaving no blood nor flesh behind.

It was a frightening sight.

It was too petrifying for anyone to witness.

The moment he saw the explosions reaching the sunstone area, Bruce had activated the armor and let it wrap him up in it.

He could only watch as the people around him disappeared one by one.

The land of the islands cracked, and the buildings of the base were decimated.

It was a scene of the end of the world.

He had many times seen the Lab of Gods’ simulation of doomsday, but now, the real scene appeared right in front of his eyes.

What sent chills down his spine was that it was only the beginning.

When the sunstones exploded, their energy radiated outward.


Bruce watched as the entire island split in half and sunk under the waters.

The other seven islands either cracked apart or sunk along with the first.

More sunstones exploded, and the greater the force of the explosion became.

It was hell on earth.


Bruce could feel a pressure in his body, threatening to make him implode.

Even his armor was starting to crack.

It was the latest armor created by the Lab of Gods, and yet, it could barely withstand the frightful power of sunstones.

Beside him, the armors of Peter and the rest were beginning to crack as well.

None of their armors were able to withstand the explosions of multiple sunstones.

Nothing could.

Oh no!

We’re doomed!

Bruce paled drastically.

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