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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2045

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2045

He had been stressed out for days.

The never ending failure was lowering his position in the Lab of Gods.

If he were to fail another time, he was certain that he would be reprimanded harshly.

Thus, he endured the most stress among the people in the Lab of Gods.

He had been holding back his frustration and anxiety.

He had to get the sunstones back.

Now, he had succeeded.

Clenching his fists, Bruce continued sobbing from joy.

Everyone was excited, and they were cheering loudly.

It was a lively scene.

“Quick, send out the message to the rest of the world! We’ve succeeded in bringing the sunstones back!” Bruce exclaimed.

He then instructed Peter and the others to take photos and videos of the sunstones.

Soon, news about the safe arrival of the sunstones from Erudia reached the ears of others.

The mysterious force had turned out to be cowardly, for they dared not do anything during the transportation of the sunstones. They could only hand the sunstones over to the Lab of Gods.

To the majority of the people, it was relatively sad news.

They were all hoping that the mysterious force would show itself so that they could get some clues to ask for a reward from the Lab of Gods.

Thus, they were melancholic about how the mysterious force had not appeared.

Nevertheless, the one who was most upset about the incident was Erudia.

They were powerless as they watched the sunstones being transported out of Erudia.

Those sunstones are from Erudia.

The Lab of Gods is most likely going to use those sunstones to fight against Erudia in the future.

“We can’t keep those sunstones safe anymore, not unless we enter a full-on war! What do we do?”

“I wish they had come out to stop them, but I know that they’re under tremendous pressure.”

There were varying reactions across the world.

Some were happy, and some were not.

Still, they all thought that the mysterious force must have chickened out.

After all, the moment they make any move, the whole world would notice it.

Then, they would be exposed.

No one could go up against the Lab of Gods.

From now on, no one would be able to stop the Lab of Gods from mining sunstones in Erudia.

When Phoenix and the rest heard about the news, they nearly flew into a rage.

Levi really had no aces up his sleeve this time.

He had let the Lab of Gods take the sunstones away from Erudia.

Despite their fury, there was nothing they could do.

Why can’t we be any stronger?

If we were stronger, then we could’ve easily stopped them.

In fact, we don’t even need to sneak around if we were powerful enough.

But that’s not what we can do now.

We can only watch.

As they balled their fists, they swore that they had to grow stronger as quickly as possible.

“Where’s the boss? Where did he go?” Phoenix asked when she noticed his absence.

“I’d say he must be much more frustrated than anyone here.”

“That’s right. He’s the one who’s feeling most stressed out. Now that the Lab of Gods has successfully attained the sunstones, he must be miserable.”

“That’s how life is. You’ll always be powerless at certain times.”

“Let’s give him some space.”

On the other side, Bruce was still leaping in joy.

“Tell Ryker to continue mining. And hand out rewards to everyone!” Bruce yelled.

Just a moment ago, the council members in the Lab of Gods had praised Bruce and granted him some rights to more advanced technology.

Bruce was getting closer and closer to becoming one of the council members.

“Men, count these sunstones before loading them into the system!” Bruce ordered.

Now that they had the sunstones, they were going to use them right away.

After making all the arrangements, Bruce beamed and left with Peter.

The others who were left behind began counting the number of sunstones.

Was that the end?

The answer was no.




Bruce had only taken a few steps out when the sounds of explosions shook the ground of the entire base.

Everyone fell to the ground.

The fire shot up toward the sky.

That was only the beginning.

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