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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2044

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2044

Everyone was stunned.

Is he giving up, or is he going to risk it all?

But this is too risky!

It’s very likely that we’ll fail.

We can’t let Zarain get their hands on the sunstones!

“Boss, please be honest with us. Do you have some kind of ace up your sleeve? Are you actually prepared for this scenario?”

Everyone was panicking, and they were hoping that Levi actually had an ace up his sleeve.

However, Levi looked at them and shook his head. “No.”

“Listen up. No one is allowed to do anything without my permission! Anyone who goes against this order shall be dealt with!” Levi warned.

The transportation team left with a strong escort team.

Every half an hour, they would do routine checks.

After making sure that everything was fine, they would then carry on.

That was what they did until they safely reached the port.

Bruce had assigned his trusted subordinates to wait at the port. Once the sunstones arrived, they began checking them.

“All’s fine!”

“Loading now!”

The Cardinal Hall was done with the escorting.

Nothing had happened to the sunstones while they were still in Erudia.

The Cardinal Hall and the others sighed in relief.

They were afraid that the mysterious force would strike while the sunstones were in Erudia.

If that happened, everyone in the world would assume that Erudia was one of the culprits or even the mastermind behind the past few incidents.

Bruce’s side had been watching the sunstones during their transportation.

When they saw the sunstones arriving at the port, he sighed in relief. “Does Erudia really have nothing to do with the stolen sunstones?”

“Mr. Johnston, let’s keep a closer eye on the next part of the journey,” Peter suggested.

The transportation of the sunstones continued, and the team was still on their guards.

They still did their routine checks to make sure that the sunstones were still with them.

An hour went by, and everything was fine.

Two hours went by, and everything was fine.

Over ten hours had gone by, and everything was still fine.

Nevertheless, they remained vigilant.

After all, the last few times had frightened them to their cores.

They were afraid of getting tricked again.

Time ticked away, and they were getting closer and closer to their destination.

Phoenix and the others were on the brink of tears.

Previously, Levi had instructed them to swap out the sunstones, but that was not the same this time.

Everyone remained in their positions; none were sent on any mission.

They could only watch and do nothing as the sunstones left Erudia.

“It seems like we’re still too weak to stop the sunstones from getting mined. We have to get Erudia to stop them instead.”

“That’s right. We’re limited by too many things. We can only stop them a few times. This isn’t a long-term plan!”

“We really can’t do anything about this. If we make a move, we’ll expose ourselves, and it might doom us all.”

Bruce and Peter were analyzing the situation.

“We’ve been too meticulous. We’re not giving them any chances to strike, so they’ve decided on taking no action!” Bruce said with a smile.

Peter nodded. “If I were them, I wouldn’t take any actions too. I can’t possibly risk exposing myself, because I’ll be annihilated.”

“Still, we have to be on our guards. What if they strike before the sunstones reach us? We’ve been quite relaxed with our security. Perhaps this is part of their plan,” Bruce pointed out.

Thus, they continued to stay vigilant throughout the transportation of the sunstones.

Soon, the sunstones safely arrived at the first base of the Lab of Gods.

Reaching that base meant that the sunstones had reached the Lab of Gods’ territory, for that was their destination.

The sunstones were safe.

Bruce and the others swiftly crowd around it. He still could not believe it. He had to see the sunstones with his own two eyes.

“Men! Open them up!” Bruce ordered.

In seconds, the sunstones were for all to see.

They really had gotten the sunstones back.

Every single sunstone was there.

Overwhelmed by joy, Bruce began crying.

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