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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2036

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2036

They made this too easy for me! How could they back out last minute? They should’ve kept their plans rolling!

Bruce wanted to capture the mysterious faction, once and for all!

He was actually looking forward to clashing head-on with them.

What a shame. They didn’t dare to show themselves in the end. Bruce shook his head in disgruntlement.

“Come on. Let’s have a look at the sunstones.” He went to check the stones that had arrived safe and sound.

“Yes, Mr. Johnston!”

The rest followed.

The load from five days of mining was enormous.

Every corner of the training base was filled with trunks of sunstones.

“Open it up! Don’t forget to put on your protective equipment!” Bruce reminded his men.

All the men present had their protective gear on whereas Bruce wore a uniquely-made armor to protect themselves from possible harm by the sunstones’ energy.

One of the trunks was unlatched and everyone took a few steps back out of caution.


Confusion filled the room as none of the men felt blood-curdling energy waves emanating from the container.

The smallest shard of sunstone would release vigorous radiation, and now with a truckload of it, they expected to see people flying and tumbling.

Yet, they didn’t feel a tinge of energy wave.

Something was off.

“What’s going on?”

Bruce went up to the trunk to have a closer look at it.

When he saw what was inside it, rage permeated him wholly, and his face could be seen turning red.

“W-What is this!”

He was on the verge of losing his sanity because what he saw weren’t sunstones at all.

The stones in the trunk were just regular stones!


Bruce’s blood pressure rose in lightning speed, and he almost blacked out from wrath.

Those who saw what went on, too, nearly jumped out of their skins.

“No way…”

The crowd sensed that something ruinous was happening, something apocalyptic.

“Open the other trunks! All the trunks! Check every single one of it!” Bruce howled like a mad dog.

All his men got straight into it, and one by one, the trunks were unlatched.



Stones that tumbled out of their carriage were all regular stones.

All of them!

There was no sight of sunstones in the room!

“It’s not in here!”

“This one? No!”

“Not here either!”

All they could find were non-radiative, energy-vacant regular stones.

Where are the sunstones?

Where did they go?

With every sound of latches released and the dribbling of the stones, hearts sank deeper and deeper.

There was no sunstone.


Where are the sunstones!

“This can’t be happening. Maybe they’re all sunstones!” someone commented.


One of the men picked up a stone and easily crushed it in his fist. There was no trace of energy.

Crush! He picked up another one, and the result was identical.

Nope. They weren’t.

“Perhaps we had the trunks mixed up? Or maybe all the energy in the sunstones dissipated during transportation?”

People tried making sense out of the situation they were facing.

“Enough! Stop guessing! It’s them!” Bruce bawled as he shook in rage.

He could go ballistic anytime.

“D*mn it! They stole the sunstones! How could they! They stole the sunstones!”

Bruce wailed and wailed so violently that it looked like he’d lost his mind.

Everyone was stupefied by what they saw.

The mysterious faction didn’t chicken out.

They struck before anyone knew it and had already stealthily pilfered those precious stones before they were even loaded onto the ships.

They succeeded at deceiving the Lab of Gods and the whole world!

Just when the whole world thought that they’d backed out, they had long had the sunstones in their possession.

Everyone was waiting for them to strike, and the Lab of Gods was all set to capture those troublemakers.

Who knew that the sunstones were swapped?

How did that happen?

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