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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2032

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2032

“Master has no idea as well. But he did say that the mastermind might not necessarily be from Erudia,” the man informed Bruce.

“What?” Such a remark had surprised Bruce.

“Master said that there’s a lot of terrifying organizations out there, for example, the Sacred Organization or the Kings.”

“The Sacred Organization?” Bruce was alarmed.

He had heard of the mysterious organization before.

The Dark Emperor and the Eighteen Dark Angels under the organization were powerful and capable.

As for the Kings, not many people heard of them. Those who knew about the organization referred to them as the Lab of Gods’ rival.

Same as the Lab of Gods, the Kings’ primary focus was on technology. In Adrune, they were an organization most advanced in technology.

However, the Lab of Gods never viewed the Kings as a threat. For them, the Kings’ technology level was the same as that of Cryptic Stream Corporation. They had no ability to become the Lab of Gods’ rival.

Hence, the lab never considered them as the suspect of the attacks.

Now with the man’s reminder, Bruce realized that there was a possibility that the Kings was involved.

“Okay, I understand! Now we have a direction to direct our investigation to.”

Bruce’s face darkened as he continued, “That person has attacked us twice with such formidable strength. It would only mean that he won’t let us go easily. There will be a third attack!”

Cyrus’ man then pointed Bruce in another new direction. “By the way, Master asked me to inform you that you could start your investigation with the sunstones. Though that person’s attack was swift, he can’t ship all the sunstones far in such a short period.”

After hearing his words, Bruce’s eyes lit up.

“That’s right! The quantity of the sunstones is large! Even if that person managed to ship them out, he can’t ship them far. He must have hidden them nearby!” Bruce shouted excitedly.

“Find them! I want everyone to search for the sunstones!”

Bruce and his men finally relaxed their furrowed brows.

Now that they had a clue and a direction, even though the third attack was inevitable, they had a chance to win.

Despite that, the casualty this time around was too high. Bruce’s heart ached when he thought about it as it was his responsibility.

Bruce swore to set a flawless trap and make sure that person had no chance to steal the sunstones, or else, his reputation in the Lab of Gods would be discredited.

He must turn the tables in the third attack. If he failed again, he might lose his position as well.

“Quick! Start searching for the sunstones! We need to prepare for the next attack too!”

Cyrus’ advice gave Bruce, who was previously lost, a sense of direction and a possible plan instead of standing there with a helpless mind.

At that moment, he was impressed with Cyrus as he could monitor Robed Slayer in the dark, while others couldn’t.

However, the possibility of Levi being alive didn’t cross his mind.

Levi was the mastermind behind the attacks.

As of now, Levi was with Azure Dragon and Phoenix.

“Not bad. I’m impressed. It seems that the training does pay off,” Levi praised them with a smile.

Levi was undoubtfully a powerful man, but he couldn’t destroy everything that was spread across a vast area in one go.

Hence, it was a group mission.

Levi had also planned to use this mission to test Azure Dragon and the others’ ability early on, and the result was satisfying.

They had perfectly completed all instructions given by Levi.

“We have transported the sunstones to the designated place!”

Levi nodded in reply. “Good!”

“Let’s get ready for the third attack! I’m planning for something unexpected.” Levi smiled.

“By the way, did White Tiger and Kirin come back with their investigation?” Levi asked.

All this while, only Azure Dragon, Phoenix, and Black Tortoise were with Levi. The others had been sent to investigate the Lab of Gods.

As of now, there was no doubt that the Lab of Gods had their head buried into investigating the preparator and setting up a better defense. Hence, there would be a loophole.

“For them, everything is progressing smoothly. Their hands are now on the list of Lab of Gods’ ambassadors around the world,” someone replied.

Levi smiled upon hearing that. “Good. Have them continue with the investigation.”

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