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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2031

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2031

As of now, Bruce had no idea what he should do next, and everyone else was stupefied by such a situation too.

Though they were the Lab of Gods, they could only freeze in place as they had never experienced such tremendous losses.

Bruce honestly thought that the arrangements he made were flawless. He had made sure that he didn’t give the perpetrator any chances to steal the stones.

He had arranged for escort teams, ambush teams, and even backup teams.

All necessary arrangements were in place to trap the perpetrators, yet everything Bruce had planned was destroyed in a blink of an eye. No one expected that.

It was horrifying for Bruce. He couldn’t understand how that perpetrator managed to find out about all the arrangements.

It was understandable that the person managed to wipe out the transportation teams and the monitoring stations along the way as they could be easily spotted.

However, Bruce was confused as to how that person managed to locate the eighteen Super Battle Squads, the underwater drones, and the seven islands which functioned as backups.

His second question was on how the attacks could happen simultaneously.

It was terrifying. After all, not many people were capable of organizing such big scale attacks.

Bruce and the Lab of Gods were truly devastated by the attacks.

Not only did they lose the sunstones, but the Lab of Gods had also lost its reputation as well, a second time at that!

There was no doubt that their dignities were seriously hurt after such incidents.

“Sent someone to the scene now! Have someone to investigate!” Bruce shouted with rage.

He was about to go crazy.

The Lab of Gods quickly sent out a few supersonic drones to check out the scenes.

From the drones, everything including the monitoring stations, the islands, and the transportation teams, was destroyed. Not even a strand of hair was left.

It was exactly the same as the first attack.

It seemed that the person had planned everything perfectly. There was no trail left behind at all.

In order to leave no traces behind, the best way was to destroy everything. By damaging the scene, there was no doubt that all evidence would sink into the sea together.

As for the sunstones, they were long gone and out of detection range.

Bruce’s plan ended in total failure.

Besides losing the sunstones, the Lab of Gods had suffered a tremendous loss, and their strength was weakened.

The seven islands and the monitoring stations had used up many of their resources.

With them being destroyed in the blink of an eye, it was truly devastating for the Lab of Gods. Not to mention that they had lost their fighters too.

Most importantly, the Lab of Gods had become a laughing stock.

This was way too humiliating for them.

Meanwhile, Erudia was cheering wildly.

They were happy with the fact that the Lab of Gods had failed to ship the sunstones away.

Sherrie, who was in Goldenport Island, was cheering too.

She was relieved that someone took over Levi’s mission and stopped the Labs of Gods.

Who could be the mastermind behind this? Levi’s subordinates? But I don’t think they have the ability to pull this off.

At the same time, The Cardinal Hall was discussing the possible suspects.

“Is it possible that someone from Erudia orchestrate the attacks?”

Such a speculation was not baseless.

In the first attack, no one believed that someone from Erudia was involved as it would merely make themselves explicit.

However, after the second strike, things were different.

Except for the people of Erudia, no one else would be so eager to stop the Lab of Gods from obtaining the sunstones. So, it would seem logical that someone from Erudia was involved.

“I think it’s the work of Robed Slayer.”

Everyone first thought of Robed Slayer.

After all, he was the one who inherited Levi’s mission. He even created a ruckus in Raysonia. Hence, he ranked first on the list of suspects.

Bruce and the Lab of Gods shared the same suspicion.

“Is it him? The possibility of him orchestrating the two attacks is quite high. After all, he does have the ability to do so,” said Bruce.

Suddenly, someone came looking for him. It was Cyrus’ man.

“Master asked me to inform you that Robed Slayer is not involved in the attacks. We have been keeping an eye on him. He had not left Erudia, so he’s not the mastermind behind all these.”

Instantly, Bruce struck Robed Slayer off his suspect list as he trusted Cyrus’.

Bruce was then confused. “Who would it be? Does Cyrus have any idea?”

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