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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2027

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2027

Ryker almost passed out from the shock.

“How can this happen? Who has the nerve to do this?”

“We don’t know who’s behind this. Listen to me carefully, Ryker. You have to keep mining as fast as possible! Time is running out! Keep an eye on the miners and make sure that nothing goes wrong!” Bruce reminded Ryker repeatedly.

Ryker immediately put on his clothes and told Jefferson and the Four Heirs the news.

Although they were partying all night and hadn’t slept much, the news was scary enough to jolt them awake.

The Four Heirs knew what was being transported last night.

They were on the side of Cryptic Stream Corporation in terms of interests.

The news of the disappearance of the sunstones was alarming to them.

“Get moving and keep an eye on the miners!” Ryker ordered.

Having received Bruce’s orders, they went to supervise the mining process at once for they could not risk the second batch of sunstones getting lost again.

While Bruce was using every resource he had to investigate the disappearance of the sunstones, he also ordered his subordinates to keep the news from spreading.

They could not risk everyone knowing about the sunstones since it was the Lab of Gods’ top secret. Furthermore, there were only a few people who knew about the sunstones.

Unfortunately, someone shared the news on the dark web. A batch of sunstones mined by Cryptic Stream Corporation from the Lab of Gods was stolen by a mysterious organization…

The entire world fell into an uproar as soon as the information was leaked.

What are sunstones? What kind of mysterious organization dares to steal something from the Lab of Gods?

Soon, the netizens found out that sunstones are a type of energy material which were discovered by the Lab of Gods.

It was a material that contained the highest level of energy up to date.

The energy source of the Lab of Gods was the sunstones all those years.

This shocking revelation caused some people to spread rumors about the Lab of Gods being a sinister organization and how it was behind the death of Levi and a few other people.

Soon, everyone was celebrating the theft of the sunstones while admiring the audacity of the mysterious force.

Aside from Levi, this mysterious force was the only one who dared to go against the Lab of Gods.

They were playing with fire!

Everyone, including Bruce and the Lab of Gods, was wondering who was behind all of it.

Losing the sunstones meant that the Lab of Gods had lost their future.

How could anyone expect them to be calm?

The people in Erudia should be the happiest of all when they heard the news of the sunstones.

The Cardinal Hall and the Dragonites were previously regretting over the mining conducted by the Lab of Gods in Erudia and couldn’t do anything to stop it, but then there came the news of the sunstones’ disappearance.

They were over the moon.

After a long wait, Bruce’s subordinates still didn’t find any clue.

Whoever stole the sunstones didn’t leave any trail behind, making it impossible to search for their whereabouts.

Meanwhile, the sunstones couldn’t be tracked as well.

A large batch of sunstones would have an abnormally high level of energy which could be easily detected by energy wave detectors, but the sunstones were yet to be found!

There wasn’t even a tiny spike of energy fluctuation in Erudia.

Wondering who could it possibly be, Bruce was also getting angrier by the minute.

Even The Cardinal Hall were curious about the thief’s identity.

“What do we do now, Mr. Johnston?” Bruce’s subordinates asked.

Bruce murmured, “There’s only one option left…”

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