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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2026

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2026

Bruce appeared to be quite anxious for some reason.


His subordinate immediately contacted Marcus but couldn’t get any reply because there was no signal.

What was more frightening was that the ship seemed to have vanished into thin air.

“Mr. Johnston, we have bad news!”

“The Golden Warship disappeared! We cannot get contact with anyone on the ship at all!”

Bruce and the others were shocked upon hearing the news.

“What? The Golden Warship has disappeared?”

“How can it be?”

Bruce’s face was full of disbelief.

Could anyone have dared to lay a finger on the sunstones?

“According to the information we gathered just now, we have lost track of The Golden Warship since last night. However, no one thought it was a big deal and the problem was left unattended!”

“Last night?”

Bruce was on the verge of blowing up.

Last night, he thought everything was proceeding perfectly according to his plan.

He certainly did not expect things to go wrong.

Bruce snapped, “Can you get in touch with The Golden Warship now? How about Marcus?”

His subordinate shook his head. “No, we can’t. We have already tried everything but there’s no use. The Golden Warship has disappeared!”

Bruce ordered again, “Trace the chips in Vanderson and the others’ bodies and let me know their location!”

“Yes, Sir! For that, we need to have your permission to access the information.”

“Here’s the latest news, Sir! Vanderson and the others in the escort team are dead. Their chips are deactivated.”

The escort team consisted of twenty fighters from the Lab of Gods.

Every one of them had a chip inserted in their bodies.

Now that the chips were deactivated, it could only mean that they were all dead.

Bruce felt as if he was struck by lightning.

He was completely dumbfounded by the fact that every elite member of the escort team had died.

It meant that The Golden Warship was completely wiped out.

The sunstones were most likely missing too.

“Who? Who dares to mess with the Lab of Gods?” Bruce yelled in rage.

Despite making it past the most dangerous area, Erudia, the ship was attacked at the area where Bruce thought was the safest.

Who? Who on Earth is it? How dare this person ignore our announcement and mess with the Lab of Gods’ stuff?

“Find The Golden Warship! Even if it’s wrecked, we have to find it!”

Bruce immediately sent out dozens of aircraft to join in the search for The Golden Warship.

An hour later, Bruce’s subordinates sent back word that they had found The Golden Warship in the middle of the sea.

The ship was badly wrecked and there were no survivors.

All of the sunstones were gone as well.

This was estimated to have happened seven hours ago.

Feeling the blood gushing into his brain, Bruce staggered backward and almost fainted.

Someone had the nerve to steal the sunstones! Not to mention the loss they had to bear because it was a large haul!

“Who? Who is it? Find out who is it!”

Bruce seemed to have gone mad.

“Mr. Johnston, do you think Erudia is behind this?” someone asked.

“If Levi is still alive then it must be Erudia, but now that Levi is dead, that is impossible! I’ve known them for too long to understand that they care too much for their reputation to do such things. If you find it hard to believe we can send someone to search for the sunstones in Erudia. I can guarantee that you will not find anything there,” Bruce replied confidently.

“Are we going to continue searching blindly?” others asked.

“Yes. Do anything that you can to find the sunstones!”

“Someone call Ryker for me!” Bruce ordered.

Ryker was lying on a bed with two women snuggled up on each side.

He was having a wonderful time when the phone rang.

Cursing the person who called, Ryker hoped that he could beat up whoever it was.

“Who is that? Are you nuts? It’s so early in the morning!”

The voice from the phone prompted Ryker to sit up straight.

“What? All of the sunstones are missing?”

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