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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2025

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2025

Marcus and Vanderson were struck dumb by the commotion they witnessed. “Goodness gracious! Do these people want to die?” they exclaimed.

Boom! Boom!

From below, a swarm of dark shadows leaped onto the ship, then the ship was surrounded by a small army of boats.

“Someone’s attacking us! We must protect the sunstones at all costs!” Vanderson gathered the aces to prepare for defense.

However, as soon as Vanderson stepped out of his cabin, he noticed a man standing on the ship’s stern. With his hands behind him, the man stood still overlooking the devastation he had caused on the ship as if he were a god.

“End them! No one shall take away anything that belonged to Erudia!”

At the end of Levi’s command, the massacre began.

The Lab of Gods was quite unperturbed by the escort of the sunstones since they had assumed no one would dare to go against them. Thus, only minimal settlements were arranged for the escort team.

Unfortunately, they just had to face Levi.

Levi’s enemies were quickly annihilated.

He even treated the battle like a training ground for Azure Dragon and his team.

“Make haste and move all the sunstones! Remember to relocate them to our designated location and leave no trails!”

The mission was completed in three minutes thanks to Levi’s precise commands and the efficiency of Azure Dragon and his team.

There were no survivors following the attack, and the sunstones were successfully retrieved.

Everything happened so expeditiously that the people on the ship couldn’t send out SOS signals. It was as if they had quietly vanished into thin air.

Levi didn’t arrange for the sunstones to be returned to Erudia because it might expose their motives when everyone’s gaze was already fixed on Erudia.

Levi remained at the highest point throughout the mission, watching everything fall into place.

“Bruce Johnston, I bet on my name that you can never bring even a single piece of sunstone back to Zarain from Erudia!” he snickered before disappearing into the darkness.

Meanwhile, Jefferson and the Four Heirs went to a nightclub to loosen up.

Ryker also spent his evening having dinner with two gorgeous ladies, completely forgetting about his worries.

They didn’t even bother to check on the transportation progress and only awaited compliments by Bruce.

Bruce himself was acting in the same relaxed manner. A few hours ago, he was still cautiously monitoring the transport ship’s whereabouts. Gradually, he let his guard down and paid little attention to it.

He was sure no one in the world would dare challenge their authority and lay hands on their ship.

Bearing that thought in mind, Bruce fell asleep soundly.

I believe the transport ship will arrive at its destination when I wake up.

After an extended span of investigation, the forces in Erudia, particularly The Cardinal Hall and Dragonites, have finally made a breakthrough regarding the sunstones.

Not only that, but they also had a clearer vision of Bruce and the Lab of Gods’ dirty schemes – they were targeting Erudia simply because of its abundant sunstone resources.

Previously, Bruce had summoned his men to transport the sunstones from Erudia after being tricked by Levi.

Ultimately, it was too late for Erudia’s forces to stop Cryptic Stream Corporation from mining the sunstones.

The six lands with the most sunstones to mine were now legally owned by Cryptic Stream Corporation, so no forces could stop them and could only watch their rival exploit the minerals freely.

The forces were overwhelmed with regret.

If only they had been more alert to the situation! Nonetheless, they were too focused on Levi’s actions to notice Cryptic Stream Corporation’s plans.

They were well aware that Levi had always been the sole leader in this field.

“If the Lab of Gods successfully exploited the sunstones, it would pose a serious threat not only to Erudia but also to the entire world!”

The Cardinal Hall were appalled.

The night went by quietly.

The next morning, Bruce woke up and after he freshened up, he asked his subordinate, “By the way, where is the transport ship currently? It should reach its destination in an hour’s time, according to the estimated arrival time.”

“Master, we are not in communication with the ship, but we are certain that it will land in an hour. Don’t worry!” the subordinate reassured him.

Bruce was unbothered and casually had his breakfast, thinking the ship would probably be there by the time he finished his meal.

An hour passed in a blink of an eye, yet the transport ship was still nowhere to be seen at its designated port.

“What’s going on?” Bruce’s face darkened as he swiftly instructed, “Get in contact with Marcus right now.”

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