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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2024

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2024

Bruce analyzed and estimated The Cardinal Hall would also send their men to escort their transportation process in secret.

After all, The Cardinal Hall would be embarrassed in front of the entire world if anything went wrong within the area under their governance.

Erudia’s reputation was important too.

Everything went according to Bruce’s interpretation of the situation.

The Cardinal Hall sent their men to watch over the transportation team to ensure their safety in Erudia.

The image of Erudia and The Cardinal Hall was of utmost importance.

The transportation team successfully moved the stones from the six major mining sites to the port.

Throughout their way to the port, no one interfered, and they didn’t encounter even a single hiccup. Everything was progressing smoothly, just as Bruce expected.

Ryker, Jefferson, and the others escorted the sunstones to the port and kept their eyes locked on the sunstones when they were being loaded onto the ship.

As soon as all the sunstones were transferred onto the ship, they let out sighs of relief.

They believe they would be safe everywhere else as long as they leave Erudia.

“Mr. Johnston, the mission had been accomplished. You just have to wait and receive the sunstones on your end!” Ryker reported the progress to Bruce through a call.

Bruce answered confidently, “Our primary concern lies within Erudia. As soon as we get out of Erudia, who would dare lay a hand on Lab of Gods’ properties?”

It wasn’t all talk. The influence of Zarain’s status as an overlord and the terrifying power the Lab of Gods withheld were alarming to the public, after all.

The Lab of Gods was an organization of great reputation and influence, so who would have the courage to go against them other than Levi and some stronger forces from Erudia?

That was the reason Bruce was confident of the transportation team’s safety as soon as they left Erudia’s compound and reached the international waters.

No one would dare touch their properties. Moreover, there were many skillful escorts in the escort team.

Everything would be secured.

“Mr. Wilkins, I’m going to celebrate the end of the mission with a few friends!” Jefferson said gladly.

He regained his confidence after accomplishing the mission, and the trauma caused by Levi disappeared gradually.

“No problem! The completion of the first batch of sunstone calls for a grand celebration after all!” Ryker laughed carefreely.


Following an ear-piercing honk, the transport ship set sail and left the port, and eventually left Erudia.

“All right! Time to take action!” Just as everyone on the ship thought they were on their way steadily, a voice cut in.

Levi had never let his attention drift away from the sunstones, so how could he allow the minerals to be exported from Erudia so easily?

Since attacking the ship while it was still within Erudia’s borders would cause a massive dent in Erudia’s reputation, Levi simply planned to strike as soon as the ship left the border.

A few hours later, the ship had arrived at the international waters. At that point, the escort team had already let their guards down.

“Whoever dare lay hands on the sunstones will face grave consequences. The joined forces from Cryptic Stream Corporation, the Lab of Gods, and all of Zarain would be the enemy to those who dare disrupt our progress!”

Nobody dared to get their hands on the sunstones after the international announcement was established. Some people even help clear the obstacles they might face on the sea, such as eliminating pirates and other threats.

On the transport ship, the crew members had already begun celebrating their success. They were either drinking or dancing throughout the trip.

The atmosphere stayed joyful and peaceful.

This was probably the smoothest mission they had ever been assigned to.

Not only that, but they also remained high profile throughout the transportation, yet no one was courageous enough to raid them.

They were extremely relaxed, so much so that the captain, Marcus, and the commander of the escort team, Vanderson, were enjoying wine together in the cabin.

“I was quite concerned things would go wrong before stepping foot onto this ship. I guess my worry was unneeded.”

Marcus was traumatized by the robberies he had been through multiple times.

Vanderson smiled and reassured Marcus they would be fine. “Who would have such nerve to rob us? Unless they have a death wish, if not, no one would dare challenge us!”

Whoosh… Bam!

Right at this moment, a flare was shot into the sky and lit up every corner of the ship.

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