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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2019

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2019

Once the properties were bought and transferred under the name of the Cryptic Stream Corporation, it would be under its name forever.

Even The Cardinal Hall would not be able to circumvent that fact, until all the resources were fully exploited…

Even if the sunstone’s location was subsequently exposed, there would be nothing that could be done.

“Perfect. I like working with competent and efficient people!” Ryker grinned.

Jefferson smiled. “We look forward to our future collaborations!”

The Four Heirs sparkled with excitement.

They strived to be the ambassador of the Cryptic Stream Corporation in Erudia, or even the whole of Bayview.

Their spirits elated at the thought of it.

“Leave it to us, we have it covered!”

The Four Heirs sped into action.

They too wanted to settle the matter once and for all.

By then, the family’s status would be elevated dramatically.

Those who looked down on them would be envious of their success.

They were partners with the Cryptic Stream Corporation!

The news was spreading like wildfire in Erudia.

Of course, Levi would also be aware.

The Five Great Wars Regiment and Phoenix were sent to gather all sorts of information.

Now, Phoenix had already informed Levi of the collaboration between the Cryptic Stream Corporation and the Four Heirs.

“Boss, the Four Heirs are planning to purchase the six properties with the sunstone. It is expected that by tomorrow, the properties can then be transferred to Cryptic Stream Corporation!”

Phoenix anxiously said.

“Okay.” Levi nodded.

He smiled after looking at the data. “Such a coincidence. The six properties belong to Wynona’s family?”

“That is right. The Wilcox family has many laboratories and experimental fields! Coincidently the six properties belonged to them!”

“It is puzzling that the Wilcox family is unaware of the existence of the sunstone. Or else, the six properties will be off-limits!” Phoenix replied.

Levi sighed. “Perhaps the sunstone is not valuable in the eyes of many. But if developed, the sunstone will be the core energy source! This clearly evinces the formidable abilities of the Lab of Gods!”

“Boss, based on my estimation, we can act quickly and intercept the transaction before its finalization! The properties can be ours! Moreover, the Wilcox family will definitely prefer us over the Four Heirs!”

Phoenix was uneasy.

Levi smiled. “How much will it cost?”

Phoenix replied, “The Four Heirs prepared a hundred billion! With that offer, they should be able to secure the purchase!”

“Why should I then spend the money unnecessarily? A hundred billion can be utilized for so many other purposes!” Levi replied.

Phoenix was stupefied. “Boss, does this mean that we are laying our hands off? Are we really going to let them purchase the six properties?”

The rest of them were similarly concerned.

If the transaction were to be completed, the matter would be out of their hands.

They would not be able to do anything about it.

At the end of the day, reputation was at stake.

Especially Erudia’s!

By then, it would be quite impossible to stop them!

Levi stared at them and asked, “Why do we need to stop them?”


All of them were dumbfounded.

This was not the Levi that they once knew.

He would have tried to stop it.

But this was not the case.


It doesn’t make sense.

Is Levi a changed man?

That’s impossible!

Some still tried to persuade him, “Boss, if the six properties were to fall on the hands of the Cryptic Stream Corporation, it will be a big threat to Erudia!”

Suddenly, Phoenix grinned at a thought.

“I understand what boss is thinking!”

“What? Phoenix, spill the beans!” The crowd looked eagerly at him.

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