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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2015

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2015

Levi’s head ached, realizing his situation was pretty much between a rock and a hard place.

Zoey and Wynona are too good!

I can’t escape!

They even see through my disguise.

What should I do?

The longer I’m with them, the higher the possibility I’m going to be exposed.

There could be more people around watching this entire scene from the shadows.

Once we start fighting, it will cause a commotion and attract the attention of others.

I’ll have to use that if left with no choice.

Levi decided as he saw the trio neared.



At that crucial moment, air currents were fired toward Zoey, Wynona, and Mia from the surroundings.

Zoey and the others blocked the attack instantly.

Recognizing the opportunity he had, Levi slipped away.

“Chase after him!”

The trio was about to give chase, but their attempt was stopped by subsequent air currents.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Despite the interruption having lasted only for a few seconds, Levi managed to utilize that narrow window of opportunity to escape.

After all, even a split-second mattered in the fights between strong fighters.

The trio had lost Levi when they wanted to resume their chase.

They were furious.

They hadn’t expected someone to help him in the dark.

Levi was surprised too.

I didn’t expect someone to help me.

Who could it be?

It definitely isn’t Azure Dragon.

I have sent everyone out on errands.

Then who could it be?

Who was the one who helped me?

Was it intentional or accidental?

It’s fine if it’s accidental.

If it’s intentional…

Could someone be aware that I’m alive?

A thin sheen of sweat had broken out on Levi’s skin at that thought.

That is too horrifying to even consider.

Someone’s aware that I’m alive despite me unleashing only half of the Forbidden Technique?

That’s terrifying!

Would that person be a friend or foe?

If it’s a friend, then there shouldn’t be a problem. However, if it’s an enemy, the situation will be bad.

Levi began analyzing calmly.

If it’s an enemy, then news about me being alive would’ve spread.

They wouldn’t have saved me then.

It’s not an enemy then!

But the question remains if it’s a friend?

There’s no definite answer.

They could have some hidden motive.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend or not. I’m at least sure it’s not a foe.

I can rest assure now.

After ditching the trio, Levi scanned his surroundings for the person who helped him but discovered nothing.

It showed the person was strong and had a quick reaction.

For that person to be involved in his battle with Zoey, he must be skilled.

Meanwhile, Zoey and her friends had returned from Goldenport Island.

Zoey decided to seclude herself, preparing to push her limits to the maximum in the shortest period. Then, she would head to Zarain to avenge Levi.

However, Mia and Wynona were unaware of her intention.

Within his mansion in Zarain, Bruce was arranging missions.

“Only less than a year’s stock was left of the sunstones in the Lab of Gods. We need to procure more from Erudia,” Bruce said.

“The Cryptic Stream Corporation is planning to enter Erudia. A collaboration with the Four Heirs of Erudia will guarantee more sunstones for us.”

Bruce touched his chin. “We need these Erudia’s puppets to procure more of the sunstone mining sites quickly. It will be legal mining with the involvement of Cryptic Stream Corporation. The Erudia’s institutions can’t charge us with any crime.”

“Excellent! The plan is to covertly mine and import the sunstone back. Your idea is brilliant! By purchasing the entire mining site, Erudia can only watch us as we mine.”

The others began to appraise Bruce for his idea.

“Hurry and instruct the Cryptic Stream Corporation to invade Erudia. It’s best to execute it as quickly as possible to avoid changes in our plan,” Bruce said somberly.

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