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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2013

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2013

I didn’t imagine seeing Zoey and the others here.

They’re actually here?

Feeling their stares, Levi felt nervous and uncomfortable.

Does she still feel hatred toward me and take me for her enemy?

The trio felt a sense of familiarity, looking at Levi.

I think I have seen him before.

But looking closely, I don’t know him.

“Who is this?” Zoey asked curiously.

Zoey’s gaze was fixed intently on Levi as though she could see right through him.

The other two were the same. Levi evoked a sense of familiarity within them.

“Have we met?”

Zoey stared at Levi puzzledly.

Levi wouldn’t feel anything if it was anyone else.

However, the one in front of him was Zoey.

He was so nervous that he started to stammer.


The trio’s curiosity intensifies, awaiting Levi’s answer.

As Levi almost blew his cover, Sherrie interrupted. “He’s Mr. Garrison’s subordinate. He came all this way to understand Mr. Garrison’s mission when he was alive.”

“Levi’s mission when he was alive?” Zoey asked nervously, diverting her attention.

“Levi?” Levi and Sherrie parroted. They were baffled by Zoey.

Sherrie was surprised by the intimate way Zoey addressed Levi.

Levi was also shocked by the way Zoey addressed him. Didn’t Zoey consider me her enemy? So why is she addressing me like I’m someone dear?

Has she recovered?

Levi was surprised and elated at that thought.

If Zoey has recovered, then my wish has come true.

“I’m Levi’s wife, Zoey Lopez. I’m here to understand his situation in Goldenport Island.”

Levi knew Zoey had recovered then.

Even though Half Phantom hid at that crucial moment, I see he still has a conscience.

He took the time to save Zoey in addition to trying to save his body.

“I owe you one! I’ll repay you if I have the chance!” Levi chuckled to himself.

“I’ll be leaving now since I have a clear understanding now.”

Levi glanced at Zoey a few more times before he turned and left.

Sherrie began to explain Levi’s situation in Goldenport Island to the trio.

Levi hadn’t expected Sherrie to tell Zoey and her friends everything from the Lab of Gods to the sunstone.

“Stop the Lab of Gods! We can’t let them get their hand on the sunstone!”

Zoey’s eyes were shining bright with the determination to avenge Levi.

I want to inherit Levi’s will and finish what he can’t.

I have the capabilities now.

However, Zoey’s thoughts were bolder.

Levi had merely wanted to learn of the enemy’s capabilities, then slowly delve deeper and eliminate them one by one.

However, Zoey had a crazier plan. She wanted to destroy the Lab of Gods. Literally.

I knew my capabilities from the fight with The Annihilator. And I have the confidence to destroy the Lab of Gods.

But I need to make sufficient preparation before I depart.

I have to push my limits to the maximum and unleash all my potential.

“I’m envious of you having such a good husband.”

Sherrie looked at Zoey with admiration.

After saying their goodbyes to Sherrie, Zoey, Wynona, and Mia departed to the spot where Levi had battled with other fighters.

Levi looked at Zoey from afar.

Thinking he would be busy for a long time after, he wanted to look his fill of her.

As for Forlevia, Levi probably wouldn’t be able to see her if he hadn’t finished his mission.

But he was assured of her safety because there was no danger around her.

“The despicable Lab of Gods and Raysonian!” Zoey yelled furiously.

Levi continued to stare at her.

“Who’s there?” Zoey snapped all of a sudden.

She sensed Levi’s stare.

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