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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2011

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2011

Levi only wanted to continue his last conversation with Sherrie to know what Bruce and the Lab of Gods took from Erudia.

His disguise didn’t raise her suspicions at all.

After introducing himself as ‘Levi’s subordinate,’ he asked about their last discussion.

Due to Levi’s intentional guidance, Sherrie quickly remembered it.

“At that final moment, he asked me about the item that Bruce and the Lab of Gods took away from Erudia. Just as I planned to spill it, they attacked us.” Sherrie recalled.

“What Bruce had taken away is what we are searching for…” Levi told her their plan.

Since it was what he had told her before, she believed him.

“Thus, I hope that Ms. Hilton can tell me all about it. It’s very crucial. It’ll not only affect our plan to seek revenge for our boss but also in defending Erudia.”

Upon receiving Levi’s sincere gaze, Sherrie relented.

“All right. I’ll tell you everything. It’s an energy source called sunstone, but I don’t know what it is in detail. According to the legend, it can provide the Labs of Gods with all kinds of energy. A stone as big as our fist is enough to release one-month worth of energy to the national power station. Thus, it’s their main energy source and the reason why the Labs of Gods has such a high status.”

After pausing briefly, she continued, “No one knows how long the Lab of Gods has existed. However, I heard that they had mined all available sunstones in Zarain and many other areas. Since it is rare, they went through the world to search for it to improve their technologies and strength over the years. Thus, no one can reach their technology level nowadays. Who knows what they manage to produce.”

Up until that point, realization dawned on Levi.

Seemingly, the Lab of Gods built labs at various spots across the globe to search mining spots for sunstones.

Sherrie concluded, “After that, they found a large number of sunstones in Erudia. It was the largest spot they ever found so far. By accident, my grandfather managed to get data which indicates that the sunstones in Erudia are enough to sustain the energy for the Lab of Gods for at least hundreds of years.”

Levi couldn’t help but gasp at that.

How terrifying! Hundreds of years of energy? That’s the Labs of Gods we are talking about now! With how sophisticated their technology is, their energy requirement is undoubtedly massive. How unimaginably enormous the number of sunstones is for it to be able to supply that much energy for that long?

Only then did Levi understand why Bruce and the others had an eye on Erudia.

From the formation of the Ruling Union to attack Erudia to the constant targeting afterward, the reason they did all those was most probably to acquire the sunstones.

When the forces in Raysonia messed with Erudia, they found their chance.

Yet, the fear toward The Cardinal Hall stopped them from taking too many sunstones at once.

In that case, they would find a way to continue stealing the sunstones from Erudia later.

Thieves, I’ll never allow you to snatch away what belongs to us! As for those you’ve taken away, I’ll make sure that you return them! I don’t care about the reason you want the sunstones. No matter what, I’ll stop you!

Upon glancing at Levi, Sherrie said, “I guess the upcoming collaboration between the Cryptic Stream Corporation and one of the corporations in Erudia has something to do with the sunstones mining as well. The reason Jefferson, the heir of the Cryptic Stream Corporation, engaged with me before was also to consolidate his position in Erudia.”

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