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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2007

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2007

Zoey looked for The Annihilator after she was done handling those cannon fodders but found no trace of him.

“I will definitely avenge you, Levi! I will destroy every single one of them!” Zoey roared angrily.

Wynona caught up with her at this time.

“Are you okay, Zoey? Calm down! You were so scary just now!”

“Don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m back to normal now,” Zoey said after calming down.

“That’s good, then. My condolences, but no one can come back to life after they died.”

Zoey seemed calm, but her mind was fiery, like a volcano that had just exploded.

From now on, she would inherit Levi’s will and walk on his path! She had the capabilities to do so now.

Moreover, she had to take revenge for Levi!

No matter how powerful the enemies were, she must annihilate them.

She had to reassure Wynona and the others first or they would definitely not let her go if they knew what she was planning.

Meanwhile, The Annihilator was forced to escape in the opposite direction by Zoey and he had no other choice but to go down south.

His speed was as quick as lightning as he charged through the mountains.

But another figure quickly approached when he arrived at a three-way intersection and caused them to almost crash into one another.

They both immediately halted and looked at each other.

The Annihilator felt that this man was a little familiar, even though he didn’t recognize who he was.

He seemed to have seen this face somewhere.

Levi was also in a daze while The Annihilator was pondering about this.

He immediately traveled southward to find Johannes on the Goldenport Island after he arranged some tasks for the Azure Dragon and the others.

He wanted to ask what Bruce and the others took when they were in Erudia.

But he unexpectedly met a super speed fighter here, which was quite a surprise to him.

He was even more bewildered when he stopped and looked at the other person.

It was actually The Annihilator!

The Annihilator who blasted him into smithereens!

This was really the typical case of enemies on a narrow road!

It was too much of a coincidence.

The corner of Levi’s lips curled up in a smile as he gradually became agitated.

There was no stairway to heaven, but the passage to hell was always there.

Did he come all the way to Erudia just to throw his life away?

The Annihilator was even more surprised.

Why did this stranger suddenly react like this after seeing me?

“The Annihilator, right?” Levi suddenly said.

This made The Annihilator even more confused.

How did this person recognize me? Who is he? The Annihilator wondered.

“Since you’ve come to Erudia, then just stay here forever!” Levi coldly said with murderous intent.

The Annihilator felt this intent and knew that this person was really going to kill him.


Levi concentrated his power into one punch and attacked The Annihilator.

The Annihilator’s speed, power, and intellect were developed to a certain limit so he can judge the force, speed, and direction of Levi’s punch.

His super-intellect calculated everything, and he smiled contemptuously.

I can even stop Zoey’s manic punch, let alone yours?

The Annihilator’s expression was arrogant as he disregarded Levi completely.


The punch looked so slow in his eyes and he could see where it would land.

Force, speed, angle…

Everything was in his calculation.

He didn’t hide, as the punch would be like a tickle to him and would not hurt at all.

He didn’t panic, even as the reflection of the punch grew bigger in his eyes.

It was not that he was conceited. But his intellect was very developed, and he was also extremely cautious.

This punch was really not a threat in his eyes.


The punch landed squarely on The Annihilator and it was exactly as he calculated.

There was no lethality at all. Let alone lethality, it couldn’t even be constituted as a tickle!

Weak! Too weak! Is this all you got?

Then it’s just too funny.


A faint rumble came from within his body just as he thought that.

The Annihilator’s expression changed wildly.

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