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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2005

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2005

The Annihilator was outrageous.

The fact that he killed Levis, disintegrated his body, and made it vanish into the thin air was nothing new.

As such, everyone in Zarain treated him like a hero.

The Annihilator was always filled with excitement when someone brought this topic up again.

He seemed to be reminiscing about what happened that day.

As for the other nine fighters, they shared the same expression of impudence and abusiveness too.

They felt proud of The Annihilator for the demise of Levi.

“It’s him! It’s him who killed Mr. Garrison. I saw it with my naked eyes,” the Half Phantom roared.

Both Wynona and Mia were shocked to see the appearance of the ten fighters in front of them.

They had no idea at all of what they wanted to do.

Worse still, they even called themselves the killer of Levi.

At the next instant, the atmosphere started to grow increasingly tense.

“Why are you here?” Wynona asked promptly as she was worried that something bad could happen to Zoey.

As for Mia, she was immediately on the alert seeing how the opponents came well-prepared.

The Annihilator sneered as he said, “Of course, we’re here to bring all of you back. Don’t you ever struggle! Otherwise, you would end up like Levi.”

“Yes! Whoever struggles will end up like Levi. We’ll make sure that your body vanishes into the air as well.”

They were getting so excited as they spoke that they did not notice the drastic change in Zoey’s expression at that instant.

The Annihilator snickered. “Levi who was at the top of the Gem List in Erudia was easily killed by us! Nobody in Erudia could ever stop us now. I advise the three of you to just follow us back obediently.”

Even if Robed Slayer had shown his formidable presence in Raysonia, The Annihilator and his gang were simply not taking that into consideration.

As such, during this trip to Erudia, they were utterly showing their brazen impudence.

“You don’t even know the excruciating pain that Levi underwent before his death, especially when I dissolved his body. Although he’s now dead, his soul is still crying in agony.”

The Annihilator was still reminiscing about the moments when Levi’s body was being dissolved.

At that instant, Wynona, Mia, and the Half Phantom were all stunned.

They fixated a glance of disbelief on Zoey who was beside them.

Undeniably, Zoey was boiling with rage.

It was as if a monster of destruction was being awakened.

Soon, The Annihilator and his gang had noticed the change in Zoey’s expression.

A look of utter disbelief and shock was sprawled respectively across their faces.

This was because they felt intimidated by the oppressive aura that Zoey was exuding.

“Ah!” Zoey roared abruptly.

A murderous glint flashed across Zoey’s bloodshot eyes.

“To hell you go!” she bellowed coldly.


In the blink of an eye, Zoey split one of the men beside The Annihilator individually into two.

Blood splattered everywhere at that instant.

My goodness!

Everyone was utterly dumbfounded.

This was because the ten men that were dispatched by Bruce were all supreme fighters.

Even if the rest of the nine fighters were slightly weaker than The Annihilator, they were still considered strong fighters.

However, Zoey could easily tear one of them apart.


Zoey was plunged into a state of insanity, intently starting a massacre of her opponents.

Although the others had quickly come to their senses, it was still too late before Zoey sent her fist forcefully to blow up their heads.

Despite looking sturdy, these men appeared to be as fragile as a watermelon when it came to withstanding the power of Zoey’s clout. She had easily torn them apart as their sweat and blood scattered all over the place.

Everyone was shocked, especially The Annihilator.

The Annihilator and his gang froze as they witnessed how two of their team members were killed brutally one after another.

They were outraged.

Is she really that powerful?

This is terrifying!

Although Bruce had done an assessment on the combat level of Zoey and the others beforehand, the result never came in so daunting.

Bruce had also identified all fighters who could match the opponent’s level before dispatching them on the mission to capture them.

Rightfully, The Annihilator and the other fighters could easily handle all of them.

However, ironically, it did not appear so now.

Indeed, Zoey was incredibly powerful.

Even her simple gesture could not hide her immense power.

The Annihilator instructed promptly, “Stop her and seize her now!”

The rest of the seven fighters quickly responded and joined forces to go against Zoey.

Amid the battle, Zoey seemed to have lost her sanity and charged forcefully at them.

Both parties were mercilessly killing one another. It was a bloodbath!

The Annihilator was awaiting the right time to join his team to defeat Zoey and take her life followingly.

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