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The Return of the God of War Chapter 2002

The Return of the God of War Chapter 2002

One thing was for sure, though. Levi knew that he did not yet possess the ability to stand up to the Lab of Gods.

Dealing with Bruce alone would exhaust his forces, not to mention the Lab of Gods which helmed much greater power.

Hence, there was no way Levi could contend the Lab of Gods head-to-head as he did with The Dark Sun.

One had to know thyself and thy enemies before striking a move.

Levi planned to find out more about Bruce and then wipe out his influences before tackling the Lab of Gods.

“Mr. Garrison, I’ll go back to Erudia then. Where are you heading next?” Robed Slayer asked.

“I will gather some of my old comrades for a discussion first,” Levi said with a smile.

“Good to know. Just let me know if you require any assistance, Mr. Garrison.”

Robed Slayer then headed back to Erudia.

This time, there was no need for him to play hide and seek.

Thousands of people from his home country, Erudia, were welcoming Robed Slayer home with open arms.

He was touted as the hero of the era.

Robed Slayer gladly accepted the honor and veneration from his own people.

Even The Cardinal Hall and Eragon were there to welcome him home.

His honor did not end there as even the Seven Fiends were thanking him for avenging their master.

Zoey, Wynona, and Mia were there as well.

They had been staying at The Cardinal Hall recently and had gotten some guidance from fighters there.

As a result, they were able to control their abilities more than half of the time.

It was already much higher than before.

Mia was especially gifted and had been accepted as a disciple by one of the fighters in The Cardinal Hall. With her teacher’s guidance, she had improved by leaps and bounds.

The Cardinal Hall decided that it was time for them to gain some real-life exposure.

The girls decided to join in the fun after knowing that Robed Slayer was coming back to Erudia.

However, Forlevia was still at The Cardinal Hall.

There were a few more years till she was ready to gain exposure to the real world.

An explicable emotion washed over Robed Slayer as he regarded those standing before him to welcome him home.

At the sight of the Zoey and the others, he almost failed to suppress the urge to tell them that Levi was in fact still alive.

“Robed Slayer! I have a question, and I think this question is one that others are curious about as well,” a reporter said.

Robed Slayer smiled. “All right. Ask away.”

“How did you become so powerful so fast? It’s a well-known fact that you’re badly injured following a battle, and you were even poisoned! How did you become stronger after sustaining such injuries, and to this extent, no less? It’s really quite fascinating.”

It was indeed a question that everyone was curious about, including Bruce.

He would even go as far as to say that it was illogical.

Robed Slayer merely smiled and replied, “It was all thanks to my master!”

“Your Master?”

Everyone gasped after listening to him.

Robed Slayer was no longer a young man. Could his teacher whom he called ‘Master’ still be alive?

Isn’t his Master an old living deity then?

It all makes sense then, how he’s gotten stronger after sustaining such serious injuries.

The way Robed Slayer gained traction back then was quite enigmatic as well. It turned out that he had received guidance to become such a legendary man.

Nonetheless, all of them were oblivious to the fact that Levi was actually Robed Slayer’s Master.

It was thanks to Levi that the man had achieved such great strides.

Even though Levi was much younger than himself, Robed Slayer still honored Levi as his teacher.

Robed Slayer truly felt that he owed his achievements to Levi and did not lie. Instead, his eyes were full of admiration and respect at the mention of his Master.

The public’s curiosity was satiated. However, another question soon popped up.

Who is Robed Slayer’s Master?

Robed Slayer knew they would be curious about it and answered even before they asked. “My master is someone living in the depths of nature. There is no way you guys will be able to meet him. So, just save your questions.”

The message was loud and clear, albeit terrifying.

The public realized that there still existed such an ultimate fighter in Erudia.

Who will be able to stop him then?

Bruce was stumped at the revelation as well.

It seemed like there was more to Erudia than he knew.

Nonetheless, Robed Slayer’s answers had been able to satisfy some of the burning questions the public had.

Meanwhile, Levi was waiting right by the borders of Erudia.

He was waiting for some of his old comrades.

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