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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1997

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1997

Even though he was involved in it, but no one expected it to be him, Cyrus the Fiery Demon.

“The Fiery Demon himself? That’s impossible!” both Levi and Robed Slayer exclaimed at the same time.

Levi was framed and got mistaken as the demon’s heir, meaning Cyrus’ disciple.

In the end, Levi could not believe that Cyrus was actually the one that framed him in the first place.

And Robed Slayer even more so.

“But it is the Fiery Demon! We’re not lying!” The Watanabes were panicking.

“Why did he do that? What’s the benefit of letting everyone mistake me as his disciple?” Levi asked.

“That, we have no idea. What we know is that he offered to help us on his own accord!” the strategists replied.

What they said confused Levi even more.

If Cyrus wanted to destroy Erudia’s martial arts world or had a grudge with someone, he could’ve just made his move! He was once ranked number one on the Gem List! With the Seven Fiends behind him, he could do anything he wanted! So why did he do this? Why did he incite conflict between me and the martial arts world?

Levi was puzzled.

Disregarding everything else, the Seven Fiends are his most loyal followers. What he did might actually cost them their lives. Then, what was his objective? Does he want to kill his own subordinates?

From what Levi knew, the Seven Fiends respected Cyrus immensely, so it was definitely not out of spite.

There’s definitely something fishy going on here! How could such a prominent figure like him even take orders from The Dark Sun and frame me? It just doesn’t make sense!

“How did you guys establish contact with Cyrus?” Levi asked.

“We didn’t look for him.” Muzo shook his head. “He was the one that contacted us!”

“No, that can’t be. You guys are lying, aren’t you?” Levi sneered at as he looked at the Watanabes.

Seeing that made them panic even more.

“No doubt there is the Fiery Demon! But he’s actually the founder of The Dark Sun, right?” Levi deducted.

The Watanabes were all astonished by his statement and their expression changed.

“H-How did you know that?” They looked at Levi in bewilderment as Muzo asked.

Levi smiled. “Well, for one, the Yagyuu family is a proud family with three super strong fighters holding the fort. They refused to cooperate with you all this time, so why did they join The Dark Sun in the first place? There must have been someone that could overpower them and force them to join. That person would not be someone from Raysonia. So, it could only be Cyrus!”

Levi could basically confirm that Cyrus was the leader of The Dark Sun when he took the framing into account.

“Not bad!” The Watanabes looked at each other and nodded. “You’re right! The Fiery Demon is the real leader of The Dark Sun! Only he has the capability of uniting all the families and convincing those snobs from the Yagyuu family into joining!”

“He was the one that framed you for what happened! The man behind it all!”

Levi suddenly recalled meeting the imposter at Terragon Hill.

He did not look like Cyrus, so it must be one of his new disciples.

“Come to think of it, did the Yagyuu family refuse to cooperate because Cyrus is gone?” Levi asked.

“That’s right!” Everyone nodded.

“Then where is he right now?” Levi continued.

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