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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1996

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1996

It was none other than the men Bruce sent to assist The Dark Sun.


Someone charged in and was immediately shocked by the horrifying scene.


The second guy bumped into his back, and proceed to freeze up after seeing the horrific scene.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

More and more people came in and clotted the door.

There were hundreds of them, and they were all stunned.

“M-Mr. Watanabe, we are here to offer assistance under the orders of Mr. Johnston!” the men announced.

“Huh? Bruce?”

Isn’t he just signing their death warrants for them?

Levi bent down slowly and picked up a dagger.


He flung it casually, turning it into a bolt of lightning.


The dagger flew like a bullet and went through the man’s head, some thousand feet away.


It went through the second guy and proceeded to go through the third with no signs of decelerating.

The fourth.

The fifth.

The dagger weaved through the crowd as a line of blood traced behind, beautiful yet poignant.

Delano and what was left of the Watanabe family were all going mad after seeing what was going on.

How does he do that?

Levi was controlling the dagger from a thousand feet away and actually killing hundreds of men with it.

What level must one achieve to do what he’s doing? He’s like a god!



All the men Bruce sent were dead; none of them survived.

This is divine!

Even Robed Slayer was in awe.

The things Levi did looked rather simple, but it actually needed immense concentration and control.

Meanwhile, Delano and the load were all numbed from the shock.

He’s too strong.

“Y-You… “

“Now, I can tell you the truth. My name is Levi Garrison!” Levi reverted to his original facial features as he spoke.


“You’re still alive?”

“I’ve seen a ghost!”

Everyone went insane after Levi revealed his true identity.

He’s actually Levi!

He’s not dead!

How is that possible!

We teamed up with Bruce to kill him! We watched his corpse get destroyed! We confirmed his death! How did he come back alive!

They were in disbelief as they even got confirmation of his death from Bruce multiple times after that.

Levi shouldn’t be alive, yet he’s standing right in front of us!

“Are you all confused about how I survived? Well, you guys could never kill me in the first place! I faked my death so that I could get rid of you all!” Levi smiled.

“This… “

They were dumbfounded.

Who could expect him to still be alive?

He’s literally immortal!

How is he not dead?

All of a sudden, Delano dropped to his knees.

He was completely drained of energy from the shock.

“He’s all yours!” Levi said and kicked Delano over to Robed Slayer.

“Master. Please spare me! I beg of you!”

Delano started groveling, pleading for mercy.

Nevertheless, Robed Slayer said nothing and gave Delano a slap on the head.

In that split second, blood splattered everywhere, and Delano ceased to exist.

With that, Levi turned his attention to the Watanabe family.



He randomly killed two of them with a flick of his wrist, and the rest screamed for their lives.

Everyone was afraid of dying.

Even more so when they witnessed so many deaths right in front of them.

“Now, I only have one question. I’ll spare whoever tells me the answer!” Levi announced.

Hearing that there was a chance for survival, the strategist all nodded immediately, suggesting that they could provide him with an answer.

“Alright then. Tell me, who was it from The Dark Sun that mimicked my techniques and framed me?” Levi asked.

Hearing that, all their expressions changed.

“Tell him! If not we’re all going to die!” They looked at each other.

“I’ll say it!” the strategists exclaimed simultaneously and gave Levi a name.

Levi and Robed Slayer’s expression instantly darkened after hearing who it was.

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