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The Return of the God of War Chapter 1992

The Return of the God of War Chapter 1992

Levi’s voice echoed into the ears of the people of the Yagyuu family.

They were all surprised to hear that name.

Levi Garrison?

Everyone in the Yagyuu family knew that name.

It was the name of their mortal enemy.

It’s him!

Shouldn’t he be dead?

Why is he still alive?

How is he here!

Wait, no! It makes sense. Levi Garrison. Who could possibly have this much power if not him? He’s the only one that could destroy the four families with ease, kill Kenkage, and force the elder to use his strongest move! It’s really him!

They were sure of his identity now but did not have time to ponder on the reason he was still alive.

Naturally, Ikken also knew who Levi was.

Even though he was in seclusion, he still caught wind of the new rank one fighter on the Gem List in Erudia.

After all, the person that defeated him was the previous rank one, Southern Emperor.

That said, he was unfazed because he was sure that, no matter who it was, they were going to be cut down by his blade.


Levi blasted a destructive punch at Ikken.

The force of punch felt like it was going to rip the very fabric of space apart as though it was a punch dealt by the gods.


The sky rumbled and thunder strike from the sheer power behind Levi’s move.

It was as though the heavens were suffering the wrath of that attack.

It was eight times the speed of sound, the absolute maximum punching speed of Levi’s capability.

The power behind it was even more terrifying, as it could even crush an entire mountain as it went.


It was an unstoppable punch as it shredded through the sword’s aura.


Levi’s fist hit the Godslayer, causing a sonic boom that deafened everyone around them before a mushroom cloud formed right after.

It was like someone dropped a nuclear warhead at their location.

Crack crack…

The Godslayer started crackling as if it had just lost its soul.

What was left was just a regular sword that was breaking apart.


The punch completely shattered Ikken’s ultimate technique and the tremor of the attack traveled into Ikken’s body and destroyed his inert.

Remnants of the power from the punch seeped into Ikken’s body and destroy his inerts.

Ikken’s pride was absolutely crushed by Levi’s attack.

He did not immediately die from it, but he was still flat on the ground, unable to move.

The only thing he could do was watch.

It was Ikken’s utter defeat.

On top of that, it was worse than the last time he lost.

This time, he was not going to survive.


Blood came spewing out of his mouth, as he looked at Levi in disbelief.

The Yagyuu members gasped.

How is Levi still alive?

Is he that strong?

Not even the elder is a match for him!

Revenge! He’s here for revenge!

They finally realized why The Dark Sun was targeted.

The reasoning before that about Robed Slayer avenging Levi just did not make sense to them.

But now, everything was clear.

It was Levi who was on his path of vengeance.

“How weak!” Levi exclaimed as he looked at everyone there with a cold gaze.

Eventually, Ikken Yagyuu died.

Then, the whole Yagyuu family followed suit.

Not a living soul was left.

“Next up, The Dark Sun headquarters!” Levi declared.

Both he and Robed Slayer each had a corpse with them.

Those were the corpses of Ikken and Kenkage Yagyuu, the two strongest fighters on record in Raysonia.

Robed Slayer was very much looking forward to the moment they tossed those two bodies at The Dark Sun headquarters.

What will they think?

At The Dark Sun headquarters, the Watanabe family was busy giving out instructions to look for Levi’s whereabouts while continuing to fortify their defense in case Levi and Robed Slayer ambushed them.

“Sir, there seems to be something wrong. We just found out that Robed Slayer’s student never had a disciple. We can’t identify the person that is with him!” the Watanabe family intelligence team reported their findings.

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